How Can I Save Energy in My Home During the Holidays?

woman adjusts thermostatIt’s the most wonderful time of the year – the holiday season! With Thanksgiving fast approaching and Christmas and Hanukkah on the way, your home will likely be filled with friends and family before you know it. While this is the time of year for food, fun, and festivities, it also is the time of year when you might be outspending your budget a bit.

If you’ve been considering how you can save some money while enjoying all the comforts and joys the season has to offer, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll talk about some home efficiency tips that can help you save energy – and money – this holiday season, and all year long. Keep reading to learn more!

Five Ways to Save Energy This Holiday Season

  1. Choose energy-efficient decorations. Lighting up your home inside and out definitely makes it a beautiful sight, but the energy those strings of light use can add up when it comes time for your utility bills. When replacing old holiday lights, choose ones that use LED bulbs instead of the traditional incandescent ones. And, consider putting them on a timer, so you won’t be wasting energy if you forget to unplug them.
  2. Deck your halls with LED lighting. This is the time of year when the days grow shorter, and that means that the lights inside and outside your home likely stay on longer. Consider replacing old, incandescent light bulbs throughout your home’s interior and exterior with LED bulbs. According to the Department of Energy, taking this measure can help you use at least 75 percent less energy than with traditional bulbs. As an added bonus, LED bulbs last up to 25 times longer.
  3. Give yourself the gift of energy savings with smart power strips. Purchasing smart, or advanced power strips for your home can help reduce energy consumption. Even when appliances and devices are off, they still can consume small amounts of energy. When you think of how many electronics are continually plugged in at your home, you can see how energy usage adds up! Advanced power strips detect when a device is in standby mode and cut off power and save energy.
  4. Keep the guest room warm with ductless heating. If you have an addition or converted space in your home that you’ve turned into a guest room, it might not have access to your home’s duct system. It can be tempting to turn up the heat in your home to warm those areas up for your guests, but that can cause your heating system to work overtime and use a lot of energy. Instead, consider installing a ductless unit in that space. Your guests will be able to control the temperature to their liking, and you’ll get more use out of the space yourself.
  5. Lower the thermostat when entertaining. Between the heat from your oven during holiday cooking and the added body heat of your guests, your home is likely to warm up once the festivities begin. Turning the heat down a bit helps you and your guests stay more comfortable – and can save a bit on heating costs.

Choose Family Danz when you need help keeping your home cozy this holiday season.

Whether you need a ductless heating system for your guest room or want to make sure your current heating system will keep your home warm and toasty during the holidays (and all winter long), Family Danz can help. As a full-service heating contractor, you can count on us for the heating installation, maintenance, and repair services you need. Just give us a call at (518) 427-8685, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Just give us a call at (518) 427-8685, and we will be glad to assist you.Contact Family Danz

Feeling Chilly This Winter? Keep Your Whole House Warm with Ductless!

Woman sits on couch using remote control on ductless unitThe cold winter months in the Capital Region can certainly make it difficult to stay comfortable. You look to your home as a warm, cozy haven to come into out of the cold, but if your heating isn’t adequate, you’re probably feeling the chill even when you’re indoors. Central heating systems work great in areas where your ductwork can reach, but in some instances, you may need a little extra help keeping your house warm.

Fortunately, ductless heating systems are a great option. Because of new technology, ductless now works great even in colder climates, making it a solid choice for homeowners in the Northeast. Plus, because it is available in a number of different configurations, it can be installed in most homes with minimal construction and downtime. In this article, we’ll explore the different ways ductless may benefit your home.

Areas of Your Home Where Ductless Heating Can Be Beneficial

Ductless heating relies on a heat pump system to transfer the heat from the outdoor air into your home. Many people worry this won’t work in colder temperatures, but there is heat in the outdoor air, even on chillier days. This heat is brought into the home using an outdoor heat pump unit and generally requires only a small-diameter hole to connect the outdoor and indoor units. As a result, your technician should easily be able to install your ductless system quickly – so you will be toasty-warm in no time.

Ductless systems can either be installed as singular units or in a multiple unit configuration throughout your whole home. Here are three different scenarios where ductless can help keep your entire house comfortable:

  1. You have an addition or converted space. If you’ve added onto your home or converted an area such as an attached garage or attic into living space, this area of your home might not have access to your central HVAC system. With a ductless system, you’ll be able to keep that area of your home warm, without having the mess and expense of adding ductwork.
  2. You have “cold spots” in your home. There are a variety of reasons you may notice one room of your home does not warm up adequately. If you have an older home, it may have not been originally built with an HVAC system in mind. If you’ve added space, your current heating system may not be able to effectively heat the home due to its sizing. A ductless system can help remedy that – and help your central heating system work more efficiently.
  3. You have old, inefficient baseboard electric heat. Generally speaking, homes with electric heating systems often do not have ductwork. Adding it can be a costly, time-consuming, and messy venture. And, you may not have the space to add ductwork to your home. With ductless heating, you can replace an old baseboard heating system with a new, highly efficient system that takes up no floor space and provides the benefit of air conditioning in the summer – so you can get rid of those bulky, noisy window AC units.

Wait… ductless can keep my home cool in the summer, too?

Yes! As an added benefit of ductless, the process of transferring heat indoors can be reversed in the summer months, keeping you and your family cool when it gets hot outdoors. A ductless system provides heating and air conditioning, all in one compact unit!

And, there are some other benefits you’ll appreciate as well:

  • High efficiency. Ductless systems, according to ENERGY STAR, use an average of 60 percent less energy to operate than standard baseboard electric heat, and up to 30 percent less energy than window or room air conditioners.
  • Quiet operation. Most people who have ductless heating and cooling marvel over how quiet their system is – in fact, most say it’s as quiet as a whisper. Anyone who has had noisy window air conditioning can appreciate that!
  • Remote control. Ductless systems are extremely easy to control using a remote. Some even have an app that you can download, making it easy to control the temperature using your smartphone.

How can I get ductless heating and cooling for my home?

Getting ductless for your home is as easy as giving Family Danz a call. We’ll be glad to talk to you about ductless heating and cooling, and what configuration is the best choice for your home. Just give us a call at (518)427-8685, and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment with you.

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Maximize Your Home’s HVAC System with Ductless

mother and daughter on couch using ductless heating unitWhile ductless heating and cooling has been around for a while now, some people have not yet heard of it, or if they have, don’t really know what it is. Ductless heating and cooling is, quite simply, a heating and cooling system that works without the need for ductwork. Most systems operate via a heat pump system and require minimal construction to install.

Additionally, ductless heating and cooling is very quiet, easy to operate, and best of all, highly energy efficient. But, if you already have an HVAC system in your home, you might be wondering if ductless could be of any benefit to you. The answer is yes! If you use any window air conditioning units or space heaters in your home, ductless can provide a less obtrusive, and more energy-efficient solution. Keep reading to learn more!

Three Ways Ductless Can Help Keep You Comfortable

  1. Ductless is great for additions and converted spaces. If you have built on to your home or converted an area like the basement, attic, or garage into a living space, that part of your home may not have access to your home’s ductwork. And that can make those spaces harder to enjoy when the weather outside gets too hot or cold. Some people rely on window AC or space heaters to keep those areas climate controlled, but they can be obtrusive, noisy, and can use a lot of energy. Having a ductless unit installed in that space is the perfect solution because it can provide the heating and cooling you need to enjoy the area year-round, all while offering energy efficiency.
  2. Ductless can help balance out the temperatures in your home. In larger or older homes, sometimes homeowners find that there are areas that are more difficult to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They may even find themselves cranking up the heat or AC system in order to make these rooms comfortable – and that can use a lot of fuel oil and electricity. By adding a ductless heating and cooling system in these areas, it will be much easier to keep these areas of your home comfortable and will help your central HVAC system not have to work as hard.
  3. If you need to replace old baseboard heat, ductless is a great option. If you have electric baseboard heat in your home that needs replacing, ductless is a perfect choice. Since it doesn’t require ductwork in order to operate, you won’t need to worry about messy construction. And, ductless will likely save you money on your energy bills, too – that’s because ductless can cut heating costs in half, and cooling costs by 30 percent, according to ENERGY STAR.

Do you think ductless might be a good choice for your home? Family Danz can help.

If you’d like to learn more about ductless heating and cooling, and whether or not it’s a good choice for your home, give Family Danz Heating & Cooling a call at (518) 427-8685. We’ll tell you about the different options for ductless, and help you find the solution that best suits your needs.

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Is a Heat Pump System a Good Choice for My Home?

Energy efficiency mobile app on screen, eco houseMore and more people are looking for ways to become more energy-efficient, from the types of vehicles they drive to the lighting fixtures they install in their homes. As you may be aware, your home’s HVAC system is one of the biggest contributors to your annual utility costs. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates heating and cooling account for about 50 percent of a typical home’s energy usage. They also estimate that homeowners who replace an electric heating system with a heat pump may save around $459 on heating costs annually, while those replacing oil systems may save nearly $1000.

Want to learn more about heat pumps? Just give us a call at (518) 427-8685, and we will be glad to assist you.Contact Family Danz

As you can see, finding ways to improve your home’s energy usage is important, not just for the planet but for your budget, too. One of the ways you can do this is by replacing old and inefficient heating and cooling equipment with high-efficiency HVAC equipment. And, one of the most efficient HVAC systems available on the market today is the heat pump. In this article, we’ll talk about how heat pumps work, the different types available, and how you can learn more about installing one in your home.

What is a heat pump, and how does it work?

With a traditional combustion heating system, like a furnace, fuel is burned to create heat for your home. With a heat pump system, no fossil fuel is required, because this type of heating system instead moves heat, rather than converting fuel to heat. They use heat from the outdoor air or the earth to heat your home. Because of this, they are a highly efficient type of heating equipment. What’s more, during the summer months, your heat pump can do double-duty as an air conditioner by reversing the process, drawing the heat out of the air inside your home, and moving it outdoors into the air or the ground.

What are the different types of heat pumps?

The most common type of heat pump system is the air-sourced heat pump. This operates by drawing the heat from the outdoor air and bringing it indoors (and reversing the process in the summer to provide cooling.) In the past, many people in the Northeast did not consider heat pumps as a primary source of heating. But, technologies have improved that allow air-source heat pumps to be a legitimate choice, even in chilly climates.

Air-sourced heat pumps come in different configurations that allow them to replace different types of old, inefficient equipment. Ducted systems are an ideal choice for people who are replacing an old system (such as a furnace) that used ductwork to deliver heat throughout the home. People who have used electric heating in their homes may not have ductwork. No worries – ductless systems are available for these situations.

Geothermal heat pumps, on the other hand, extract the heat from the ground (or sometimes from a water source) rather than the air. They are more expensive than air-source heat pump systems but are built to last for a long time and provide such incredible energy efficiency that the system generally pays itself off in less than a decade.

How can I learn more about installing a heat pump in my home?

At Family Danz, we can help you get the right type of heat pump for your home, and we’re dedicated to providing you with high-quality Bryant® heat pumps. They’re designed to bring just the right level of heating and cooling to your home, use a non-ozone-depleting refrigerant, and have achieved an ENERGY STAR rating. Not to mention, there are often rebates and incentives available on high-efficiency HVAC equipment that can help you save money upfront on a new heat pump system.

To learn more, simply give Family Danz a call at 518.427.8685, and we’ll be more than happy to tell you more about quality Bryant heat pump systems and help you decide if one is right for your home.

Need to Cool a Seasonal Room? Consider Ductless.

Room in a home with a wall-mounted ductless unitMany homes, both older and modern, feature seasonal rooms that allow for spectacular views and a great area to unwind after a long day at work. However, during the heat of the summer, these rooms can be a bit uncomfortable. Often, these rooms don’t have access to the home’s duct system, so central air conditioning might not reach them. Fans and window AC are options, but these may not cool the space effectively and efficiently. Fortunately, there is an option that can make your seasonal room a comfortable haven – ductless cooling.

Ductless cooling is a great choice for areas that don’t have access to your home’s duct system, like seasonal rooms, additions, converted attics or garages, or finished basements. Unlike other room cooling options, like window or portable air conditioning, ductless systems don’t take up living space, obstruct views, or create uncomfortable noise levels. In this article, we’ll explain how ductless can be beneficial, and how it can help you better enjoy all the spaces in your home.

Five Reasons to Choose Ductless Cooling

As we said above, ductless cooling can help you enjoy quiet comfort that doesn’t take up window or floor space. That in and of itself is a great reason to consider ductless over traditional window air conditioning. But there are other additional benefits that might surprise you.

  1. Ductless cooling is energy efficient. Ductless systems utilize heat pumps to work, which makes them highly energy-efficient. And because ductless cooling can help balance spaces in your home where your central AC might not reach, it can help your main system operate more efficiently, too.
  2. Ductless can help with indoor air quality. Ductless systems are great at filtering out particles that might be floating around in your indoor air, such as dust, dander, and pollen. Generally speaking, the filters are easy to remove and clean, allowing you and your family to enjoy fresher air.
  3. Ductless systems blend into your home décor. Because they are mounted high on walls or on ceilings, your ductless system won’t block your views or take up floor space like other room air conditioning systems.
  4. Ductless AC systems are easy to control. Most are controlled via remote, so anyone using the room can adjust the temperature easily at the touch of a button! Some ductless systems are WiFi-enabled, allowing you to control your system from your smartphone or laptop.
  5. Many ductless systems can provide heating, too. If you have a room in your home that you don’t use when it gets too hot or too cold outside, a ductless system can make that a thing of the past. There are ductless systems available that can provide both heating and cooling, so you and your family can enjoy all the spaces in your home all year long!

For energy-efficient comfort throughout your entire home, ductless is a great choice.

As you can see, there are many reasons homeowners are choosing ductless systems for room air conditioning. What’s more, many utility companies offer rebates for ductless systems, because they are so energy-efficient and can help the home’s entire HVAC system work more efficiently, too. If you’d like to learn more about how ductless systems can help you and your family enjoy greater comfort – and save money on your energy bills – all you need to do is contact Family Danz. We’ll be more than happy to tell you more about ductless cooling and heating products, and how we can help you enjoy better home comfort. Just give us a call at 518.427.8685, and we’ll be glad to schedule an appointment with you!

Make the Most of All Your Spaces with Ductless Heating

Woman sitting on couch next to a wall-mounted ductless unitAs the COVID-19 pandemic continues, more people are working and going to school from home. For many homeowners, space in their houses is at a premium. If you have a room that would be a great spot for a home office or classroom but doesn’t have year-round heating, you should know a ductless heating system can help.

Often, seasonal rooms, additions, and converted spaces don’t have access to the home’s duct system, which means they can only be used at certain times during the year. That’s where a ductless heating system comes in. Because these units operate outside of your home’s ductwork, they can be installed quickly and help you maximize every space in your home in a matter of just a few hours.

5 Benefits of Ductless Heating

Aside from helping you make the most of every nook and cranny of your home, there are several additional benefits to ductless heating that you’ll enjoy:

  1. Ductless heating is efficient. Most ductless systems use heat pump technology, which is one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat your home. Ductless systems tend to be far more efficient than space heaters, so installing one can help you save on energy bills.
  2. Ductless systems often provide both heating and cooling. This is a great benefit when it comes to being able to use your space year-round. You’ll enjoy warmth during the colder months, and cool comfort in the summer.
  3. Installation requires minimal construction. Your ductless system is comprised of an indoor and an outdoor unit, which are connected by small-diameter tubing. That means your technician will be able to install your ductless system quickly, with very little construction mess!
  4. Ductless heating helps your main heating system operate more efficiently. This is because it doesn’t have to work as hard to heat your entire home. Ductless heating (and cooling) helps to balance out the temperature of your home, so your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard. 
  1. Ductless heating offers precise comfort control. Most systems are easy to operate via remote control, allowing you to adjust the temperature of the room easily and to your unique needs.

How can I get ductless heating for my home?

That’s easy! All you need to do is give Family Danz a call at 518.427.8685. We’ll set up an appointment to discuss all the options and benefits of ductless heating with you, and help you get a unit installed in your home – so you can start enjoying every room in your home right away!

Just give us a call at (518) 427-8685, and we will be glad to assist you.

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6 Ways to Winterize Your Home

Preparing Your Home for Winter

Winter usually comes early in New York – bringing with it chilly temperatures and snow. It’s important that your home is ready for cooler weather. Of course, being comfortable is the primary concern, but a home that isn’t winter-ready can use more energy. That’s because heated air can easily escape out of unprepared doors and windows, and the home’s heating system has to work harder to keep the house warm. But there are a few steps you can take to winterize your home – and enjoy better comfort.

6 Ways to Winterize Your Home6 Ways to Winterize Your Home Infographic.

  1. Make sure doors and windows are draft-free. Windows and doors that aren’t draft-proof can cause cold air to get in, and warm air to escape. You can help keep this from happening by using window insulation film, weather-strip tape, and adding draft guards at the bottom of doors.
  1. Consider adding insulation. If your home is older, there is a good chance it doesn’t have the amount of insulation it needs. Blown-in insulation can settle, leaving gaps in your walls, and older insulation is not as energy-efficient as some of the newer kinds on the market.
  1. Reverse your ceiling fans. An easy way to stay warmer is by reversing your ceiling fans so the blades move clockwise. This pushes warmer air that rises to the ceiling down into your living space.
  1. Clean your gutters. Leaves and other debris that build up in your gutter block any water from melting snow from flowing freely, which can cause ice damming in the winter – and that can make your home a lot colder and can cause damage to your roof.
  1. Install a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats help you enjoy better comfort and help your HVAC system operate more efficiently. You can set the temperature so that it’s lower while you’re away but toasty-warm by the time you and your family return home.
  1. Change your heating system’s filter. The filter in your heating system can get clogged with dirt and debris. This is especially the case if your system runs frequently. Not sure how to change your filter? You can always count on the professionals at Family Danz to help.

Make sure your heating system is ready for winter by calling Family Danz.

Of course, your heating system is the number-one way you keep your home warm during the winter months. Having it maintained on an annual basis is one of the best ways you can assure it operates effectively and efficiently all winter long, and lasts for years to come.

If you need heating system maintenance, just give us a call at 518.427.8685 and we will be glad to help.
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Should I Repair or Replace?

My Heating System: Should I Repair or Replace?

Living in New York, you know that your heating system is an essential part of your home. You and your family rely on it to stay comfortable all winter long – and sometimes from the fall through the spring. For that reason, it’s so important to make sure your heating system is working both effectively and efficiently.Should I Repair or Replace my Heating System Infographic.

There are steps you can take to ensure your heating system runs smoothly, no matter how cold it gets outside. The best way is to make sure you get annual maintenance. During maintenance, your technician will clean your system, eliminating the dirt and buildup that accumulates in it over the year of use. They’ll make sure it is operating safely, and alert you to any repairs that need to be made. Getting annual maintenance also helps keep the manufacturer warranty intact – a big plus if you find yourself having to have extensive repairs.

How do you know whether to repair or replace, though?

Even with annual maintenance, a point in time will come that your system either needs a big repair or a replacement. How can you determine whether or not your system should be replaced? There are a few indicators that can alert you to the inevitable. If you notice any of the following, you could need to consider replacing your system.

Your current system is old. Heating systems usually last anywhere from 10-20 years. If your system gets a lot of use or hasn’t had regular maintenance, you could be looking at the lower end of that scale.

Your heating system isn’t keeping you comfortable. As systems age, they have to work harder to warm your house. If you’ve noticed a decrease in comfort over the last couple of years, or you have to turn the thermostat up higher for it to heat your home effectively, it might be time to think about replacing.

You’ve noticed an increase in energy bills. Of course, utilities can be costlier from year to year. But if you’ve noticed a spike in your utility bills that doesn’t coincide with an increase in utility prices, then it means your system is working harder – and using more energy – to do the job it has always done.

You’ve created more space in your home. When you have a heating system installed, your HVAC company generally sizes it according to the needs of your home. When you add on space such as a finished basement, converted attic, or addition, it can make your system have to work harder and operate less efficiently in order to heat the entire home.

You’ve experienced some major repairs. If you’ve had some breakdowns that require expensive repairs, you might want to weigh that against the cost of a new system. What you’re spending in repair bills and system inefficiency might be more than what you could save with a new system.

At Family Danz, we can help you decide if repair or replacement is the right choice.

We understand that nobody wants to think about the cost of installing a new heating system. It’s a significant investment. But, you should know most of today’s heating systems are highly energy-efficient and effective, so in the long run, you’ll be saving money instead of losing it to repairs and inefficiency. Of course, we won’t suggest a replacement unless it’s necessary – and if it is, we’ll work with you and your budget to help you get a heating system that keeps you comfortable.

Just give us a call at (518) 427-8685, and we will be glad to assist you.
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“March” Into Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

Even though Old Man Winter has been hanging around for a while now, before you know it spring will arrive and (hopefully) so will the return to warmer weather. March is a great time to start preparing your home for the spring season ahead, so that once those nice days return, you’ll have time to spend outdoors enjoying the milder temperatures.

Winter can last for a long time in our part of the country, and with many of us having central, forced-air heating in our homes, it’s always a good idea to get ready for spring by giving our house a good interior cleaning. Dusting, washing curtains, and deep-cleaning carpets and flooring can help get rid of dust, dirt and grime that’s settled in over the winter months. Wiping down the walls and ushering out the dust bunnies that might have gathered in corners and under furniture is a good idea, too.

But besides a good spring cleaning, what else can you do to prepare your home for milder days ahead? In addition to an interior cleaning, here are a few more ideas that can help get your home ready for spring.

Click for full size infographic, or read on below.

five ways to get ready for spring from family danz

Five Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring


  1. Get your patio ready for outdoor fun. Clear it of any leaves, twigs or debris that might have collected there over the winter. It’s also a good time to give your patio furniture a good cleaning, and make sure your grill is ready for those warm-weather cookouts.
  2. Clean out your gutters. Gutters can be a collection point for leaves, pine needles, debris and other gunk over the winter months. Remove as much as you can with gloved hands, and then hose out anything remaining. (You will want a helper for this task. If you’re not comfortable on a ladder, hire a professional to help – your safety is most important!)
  3. Wash your windows. Washing your windows inside and out eliminates any dust and dirt that has gathered there over the winter, and literally lets the sunshine in!
  4. Change out your lightbulbs. As the landscape around us starts to get greener, so can your home! Taking some simple steps like replacing old incandescent bulbs with higher-efficiency LEDs can help you save energy, and keep the planet green.
  5. Call your HVAC company for spring maintenance. There are many reasons why it’s always a good idea to have your air conditioning checked out in the spring, the main one being assurance that it will work properly once the heat of summer hits. Not to mention, maintenance will help it run more efficiently, last longer, and keep your warranty valid.

Trust Family Danz for the spring AC maintenance you need.

You can check air conditioning maintenance off your spring-cleaning to-do list by giving Family Danz a call. We’ll get your maintenance appointment scheduled so your AC system won’t miss a beat once the warm weather arrives. Simply give us a call at 518.427.8685 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

The Best Way to Get Started is by Contacting Family Danz Today

Call Family Danz at (518) 427-8685 or complete one of our online forms. A representative will find you the best available options for your home and your budget.

Get Smart In 2020: Five Reasons You Need A Smart Thermostat

Woman adjusting a smart thermostat through her phoneOver the past couple of decades, technology has taken us to places we could only ever imagine. Who would have guessed most of us would be carrying around a tiny device that would work as a computer, phone and camera, all the time? Or that we’d be talking to our artificial intelligence friends, Siri and Alexa, on a daily basis? The world of home comfort has also joined the smart home bandwagon, offering smart thermostats that change the way we heat and cool our homes.

Smart thermostats like ecobee and Nest are leading the way in home comfort innovation, as well as specialized smart thermostats that work seamlessly with certain brands of equipment, such as the Bryant Evolution™ Connex™ thermostat. How can a smart thermostat benefit you and your family? Here are five ways you might not have considered.

Five Reasons to Get Smart

  1. More control over your home’s heating and cooling systems. With a smart thermostat, you can precisely control your heating and cooling systems, so that you get optimal comfort in the spaces you occupy the most. And, many smart thermostats “learn” the habits of you and your family, so temperatures can change based on activities, such as at home, away, or sleeping.
  2. Better efficiency. Because you’ll have better control over your home comfort systems, they’ll operate more efficiently. Because these systems “know” when you’re occupying a space, not home, or sleeping, they’ll automatically adjust comfort levels, which will help save energy – and money on your utility bills.
  3. Simple to use. Unlike programmable thermostats of the past, which can be a little complex to program, smart thermostats are, like the name suggests, intuitive and do most of the programming work for you. And because many are easy to access via smart phone, you’ll have access to them at your fingertips.
  4. Control from wherever, whenever. Like we said above, there’s an app for that – your smart thermostat, that is. That means you’ll be able to control your system from your smart phone, laptop or desktop computer, whether you’re home or not. You’ll also be alerted to any issues with your home comfort system, so you can take care of any problems right away, before they become larger, more expensive ones.
  5. Connectivity with other smart devices. Many smart thermostats work with your home’s other smart devices, providing you with easier, more automated living. Some smart thermostats even connect to your virtual home assistant, so you can easily ask your device to turn up the heat or air conditioning, or turn it down.

Where can I find a smart thermostat for my home?

That one’s easy! Just contact Family Danz and we will be more than happy to help you learn more about smart thermostats. What’s more, we’ll help you find the right one for your home, and install it for you too! Simply give us a call at 518.427.8685 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Click below to download our smart thermostat infographic, and be sure to share with friends!

Family Danz smart thermostat infographic