Fall Into Energy Savings

It’s one of the times of the year that the people paying the energy bills like the best — the summer heat is over, so the expense of air conditioning use has dropped off. The cold of the winter hasn’t arrived yet, so the use of the furnace hasn’t driven those bills back up. The early fall is definitely a time to save on your energy bills, but unfortunately that is only a short respite from the spike soon to come.

Family Danz Heating & Cooling knows that the winter chill will soon return for residents of Niskayuna, N.Y. and the Capital District of New York State, and along with the weather will come the cold reality of those energy bills. But there are many ways to save on your utility usage even during the coldest of winters, and our experienced technicians would be happy to share our insights with you.

You can see the need for attention yourself by simply checking around your home or office on the chilly days for any drafty areas. Put your hand up to windows, doors, outside walls, and attic entryways to see if you feel a colder temperature there. That’s where your heat — and your heating dollars — escape, and they will need to be filled.

We offer a professional energy audit that will point out all places where you have heat loss caused by air leakage, inadequate insulation, and even your own non-economical usage habits. Your Family Danz expert will offer you a full report of all the cold spots, with efficiency and conservation suggestions specific to your situation that will help lower your energy bills.

Give Family Danz a call today for an expert assessment of all of your heating equipment, and an up-close look into all of the places where you can save money on your winter utility bills. It‘ll be a great investment for your home or office, and likely make them a bit safer in the winter months at the same time.

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