Need a New Home Comfort System? Heat Pumps are a Great Choice.

girl and mother enjoying sunny morningNow that the summer months are winding down, you may be wondering if your home heating system will be ready for the cooler weather ahead. If you’ve been considering updating your home comfort equipment, you should know that heat pumps are a great option. Heat pump systems have been around for a while, but have only recently become a more popular choice for home comfort in the Northeast.

That’s because older heat pumps did not have the capacity to keep homes warm when temperatures fell below freezing. However, technological advances have made it so heat pumps can operate even in cold climates, making them a viable heating option for places like the Albany area. There are many benefits to choosing a heat pump system for your home – keep reading to learn more!

How Can My Albany Area Home Benefit from a Heat Pump System?

As heat pump systems become more common in our area, you may be interested in learning more about them. Below, we’ve outlined some of the main benefits of choosing a heat pump system for your home.

  • Heat pumps offer year-round comfort. Not only can a heat pump keep you warm in the winter, but it can also keep you cool in the summer, too. That’s because heat pumps extract heat from the air. In the winter, they extract heat from the outdoor air and pump it into your home (yes, there is heat present in the air, even on chilly winter days.) In the summer months, the process is reversed, and hot air is pumped out of your home.
  • Heat pumps are highly efficient. Heat pumps are considered to be one of the most efficient types of home comfort equipment on the market. The Department of Energy states that a heat pump can reduce your electricity use for heating by approximately 50% compared to electric resistance heating, such as baseboard heaters. They also indicate that high-efficiency heat pumps also dehumidify better than standard central air conditioners, resulting in less energy usage and more cooling comfort in the summer months. Combined, these factors can help you see significant savings on your utility bills all year long!
  • Heat pumps are better for the environment and safer for you. Because they do not require fossil fuel to operate, heat pump systems are considered more environmentally friendly than other types of home comfort equipment. You won’t have to worry about fuel storage, which can sometimes leak and cause hazardous conditions, or carbon monoxide emissions.
  • Heat pumps are available in both ducted and ductless configurations. If you have a central heating and air conditioning system installed in your home, a ducted heat pump system is probably the right choice for you. If you have no system of ductwork in your home and rely on electric baseboard heat in the winter and window AC units in the summer, then a ductless heat pump system is a better option.
  • Heat pumps offer ease of use. No more forgetting to call for fuel in the winter or struggling with installing window air conditioning in the summer. Heat pump systems, whether ducted or ductless, provide comfort with minimal effort on your part.

Are there any incentives available for heat pump systems?

To help people convert to heat pump systems, both New York State and the federal government are currently offering incentives. You can learn more about these incentives and tax credits on the NYS Clean Heat website. Additionally, there are often manufacturer rebates available as well. We encourage you to call us and talk about ways you can save money on a heat pump upgrade for your home. We are pleased to offer our customers quality ducted and ductless heat pump systems, professionally installed by our skilled technicians. Just give us a call at 518.427.8685 and we’ll be happy to help you.

Don’t Suffer with Old Air Conditioning – 5 Reasons to Update Your System.

Couple trying to refresh during summer heat waveOnce summer is in full swing, the heat and humidity can become unpleasant, and homeowners rely on their air conditioning systems to keep them cool. Unfortunately, if your air conditioning system is old, it might not be helping you stay as comfortable as you’d like. And, it might need frequent repairs that are both inconvenient and costly.

Sometimes, replacing an older system becomes a necessity, when the air conditioning unit breaks down completely and is beyond repair. But, you might want to make the replacement before that happens, so you won’t have to deal with discomfort – and another costly repair bill. In this article, we’ll talk about why replacing your current AC system may be the best choice, and how Family Danz can help. Keep reading to learn more!

Five Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Old AC System

Not sure if you need to replace that old air conditioner with a new one? We’re sharing five reasons why it might make good sense to consider a replacement:

  1. Better energy efficiency. The older a system is, the less efficient it is. And, some homeowners have air conditioning systems that are 20 years old or more. These systems were far less efficient than their modern counterparts, to begin with, and chances are they’ve become less efficient over time. A new system will likely use much less energy – and you’ll start saving on your energy bills right away.
  2. Improved refrigerant. Older air conditioning systems may use an outdated type of refrigerant. Newer types of refrigerants have been developed to be more efficient and environmentally sound. And, if your system uses an outdated type of refrigerant, it will likely be very difficult to find replacement refrigerant, and if it is found, it will be very costly.
  3. Improved home comfort. Your old air conditioning system is probably not keeping your home as comfortable as it once did. As time goes on, all air conditioning systems stop working as effectively as they once did. You can extend your system’s life by making sure it’s regularly maintained, but if your system is older and you’ve had to make frequent repairs, you’re likely not as comfortable as you could be.
  4. Proper sizing. If you have added to your home or have converted unused areas into living space, your current system may no longer be the proper size for your home. And, that can make your air conditioner have to work much harder to keep your home cool. You may not need to replace your entire air conditioning system, though – many homeowners can balance their cooling by adding a ductless system to added spaces.
  5. Better indoor air quality. Older air conditioning systems, especially ones that have been neglected, can cause a decrease in indoor air quality. That’s because dust, dirt, microbes, and other particulates can collect in the system. While regular maintenance helps, old AC units aren’t as effective at filtering out moisture as newer models, and that can lead to mold growth.

As you can see, an older air conditioning system might not be keeping you as cool and comfortable as you’d like – and it might be costing you more money than it should, too.

How can Family Danz help me get new air conditioning for my home?

At Family Danz, we’re a full-service air conditioning contractor and can help you with any AC need you might have. Whether you need air conditioning maintenance, repair, or a brand-new system installation to help you stay cool this summer, we’re ready to assist you. We will always look out for your best interest and provide exceptional air conditioning services and products of the highest quality to ensure the expected comfort and safety. Simply call us at (518) 427-8685 and we will be happy to schedule an appointment with you.

How Bryant® Helped Shape Women’s Racing

Janet GuthrieAs a Family Danz customer, you know you can rely on quality Bryant® equipment to keep your home comfortable. But, did you know that Bryant was also a longtime auto racing sponsor, and served as a sponsor for Janet Guthrie, the first woman to qualify for and compete in both the Indianapolis 500 and the Daytona 500? Since March is Women’s History Month, we thought we’d share Janet Guthrie’s story with you – keep reading to learn more!

Who is Janet Guthrie?

As we mentioned above, Janet Guthrie is a retired race car driver, and the first woman to qualify for and compete in both the Indianapolis 500 and the Daytona 500. She was also the first woman to lead a lap in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series. Interestingly enough, Guthrie’s original career goal was out of this world instead of on the track – she was an aerospace engineer and a pilot. However, she took up racing in 1963, and by 1972, she had become a full-time driver.

Over the course of her racing career, Guthrie competed in three Indy 500s and more than 30 NASCAR races. Her highest finish was 6th place in Bristol in 1977, for which she still holds the record for the best finish by a woman in a top-tier NASCAR race (Danika Patrick tied with her in 2014.) Guthrie was one of the first women elected to the International Women’s Sports Hall of Fame. Additionally, she has been inducted into both the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, as well as the Automotive Hall of Fame.

“Racing takes everything you’ve got — intellectually, emotionally, physically — and then you have to find about ten percent more and use that too.” -Janet Guthrie

Janet GuthrieJanet Guthrie’s helmet and driver’s suit are on display at the Smithsonian Institute. Her autobiography, “Janet Guthrie: A Life at Full Throttle” was published in 2005. Guthrie recently celebrated her 85th birthday on March 7th.

Learn More About Bryant Racing Sponsorship

Bryant has a rich tradition in auto racing and is the longest-standing non-automotive sponsor at the Indianapolis 500. In addition to Janet Guthrie, legends like Eddie Sachs, Roger Ward, Cale Yarborough, Scott Brayton, Chip Ganassi, and Stan Fox have all driven under the Bryant Racing banner, earning a total of 16 previous race victories on other tracks. Bryant also sponsors Tony Kanaan and Marcus Ericsson.

And, you can count on quality Bryant home comfort equipment from Family Danz.

As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, Family Danz is proud to provide our customers with quality home comfort solutions from Bryant. You can also trust us to be certified by North American Technical Excellence, or NATE. This is the leading certification program for technicians in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning field, and the only test supported by the entire industry.

And, because we’re a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, we always repair your equipment using Factory Authorized Parts, so the best quality and efficiency of your heating or cooling system is guaranteed.

When you choose us, you’ll know that the Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer symbol means we’ve met Bryant’s highest standards for superior skills, service, and a promise of 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. Reliable products, dealers who care – Family Danz does whatever it takes to keep you and your family comfortable. Whether you need quality heating or air conditioning products for your home, count on Family Danz and Bryant. Just give us a call at (518) 427-8685 and we will be more than happy to help.

Feeling Flaky? You May Need a Home Humidification System.

Once the chillier temperatures return to our area, chances are we’ll need to run our heating systems more often in order to keep our homes nice and toasty. While we all love the warm comfort our furnaces provide, unfortunately forced-air heating can also dry the air in our homes. And, if the air becomes too dry, it can cause awhole host of problems.

Nobody wants to deal with the issues caused by dry home conditions. Are you concerned that the air in your home may be overly dry? In this article, we’ll talk about how you can tell if your home is too dry this winter, and how Family Danz can help you add moisture to the air and help you and your family enjoy better home comfort. Keep reading to learn more!

5 Signs Your Home’s Air is Too Dry

If you suspect that the air in your home lacks moisture, here are five tell-tale signs that indicate you need better home humidification:

  1. Itchy, flaky skin. Noticing that your skin is itchy and flaky? While dry skin is a common problem during the winter months, if your home is too dry it can make it even worse. If you have severely dry skin, you might want to consider adding moisture to your home’s environment during the winter months.
  2. Static cling. Do blankets and sheets crackle and cling when you try to make your bed? Do your clothes ride up and do you find the occasional sock clinging to your shirt or pant leg? Then static cling is a problem in your home, as is often the case when indoor air is too dry.
  3. Runny nose and watering eyes. It might seem like the exact opposite would be true, but when the air in your home is too dry, you might experience a runny nose and watering eyes. This is because the membranes of your nose and eyes are actually dehydrated, and your body is compensating by producing excessive mucous or tears.
  4. Creaky floorboards and furniture. Wooden fixtures in your home need moisture in order to stay in good condition. Very dry environments can cause wood floors and furniture to creak, and in some cases, the wood can warp and crack.
  5. Flyaway hair. Does your hair seem to have a mind of its own during the winter, no matter how well-conditioned it is? If your hair is frizzy and flyaway, it’s likely a victim of static, which as we mentioned above is caused by indoor air that lacks the proper level of humidity.

How can Family Danz help with my home humidification needs?

At Family Danz, it’s always important to us that you stay as comfortable as possible in your home. That goes beyond home heating and cooling to include indoor air quality products and services. We’re pleased to offer our customers Bryant® whole house humidifiers. These quality systems help add moisture to the air in your home, helping to keep static cling and physical ailments like dry skin at bay.

Our Bryant whole-house humidifiers easily tie into your heating system to provide a convenient, effective whole-home solution. They work with your furnace and duct system, delivering moisturized air throughout your home. If you’d like to learn more about our home humidification solutions, call Family Danz today at (518) 427-8685 and get the quality service that you expect from a company you know and trust.

How Can I Save Energy in My Home During the Holidays?

woman adjusts thermostatIt’s the most wonderful time of the year – the holiday season! With Thanksgiving fast approaching and Christmas and Hanukkah on the way, your home will likely be filled with friends and family before you know it. While this is the time of year for food, fun, and festivities, it also is the time of year when you might be outspending your budget a bit.

If you’ve been considering how you can save some money while enjoying all the comforts and joys the season has to offer, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll talk about some home efficiency tips that can help you save energy – and money – this holiday season, and all year long. Keep reading to learn more!

Five Ways to Save Energy This Holiday Season

  1. Choose energy-efficient decorations. Lighting up your home inside and out definitely makes it a beautiful sight, but the energy those strings of light use can add up when it comes time for your utility bills. When replacing old holiday lights, choose ones that use LED bulbs instead of the traditional incandescent ones. And, consider putting them on a timer, so you won’t be wasting energy if you forget to unplug them.
  2. Deck your halls with LED lighting. This is the time of year when the days grow shorter, and that means that the lights inside and outside your home likely stay on longer. Consider replacing old, incandescent light bulbs throughout your home’s interior and exterior with LED bulbs. According to the Department of Energy, taking this measure can help you use at least 75 percent less energy than with traditional bulbs. As an added bonus, LED bulbs last up to 25 times longer.
  3. Give yourself the gift of energy savings with smart power strips. Purchasing smart, or advanced power strips for your home can help reduce energy consumption. Even when appliances and devices are off, they still can consume small amounts of energy. When you think of how many electronics are continually plugged in at your home, you can see how energy usage adds up! Advanced power strips detect when a device is in standby mode and cut off power and save energy.
  4. Keep the guest room warm with ductless heating. If you have an addition or converted space in your home that you’ve turned into a guest room, it might not have access to your home’s duct system. It can be tempting to turn up the heat in your home to warm those areas up for your guests, but that can cause your heating system to work overtime and use a lot of energy. Instead, consider installing a ductless unit in that space. Your guests will be able to control the temperature to their liking, and you’ll get more use out of the space yourself.
  5. Lower the thermostat when entertaining. Between the heat from your oven during holiday cooking and the added body heat of your guests, your home is likely to warm up once the festivities begin. Turning the heat down a bit helps you and your guests stay more comfortable – and can save a bit on heating costs.

Choose Family Danz when you need help keeping your home cozy this holiday season.

Whether you need a ductless heating system for your guest room or want to make sure your current heating system will keep your home warm and toasty during the holidays (and all winter long), Family Danz can help. As a full-service heating contractor, you can count on us for the heating installation, maintenance, and repair services you need. Just give us a call at (518) 427-8685, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Just give us a call at (518) 427-8685, and we will be glad to assist you.Contact Family Danz

Spring Allergies Making You Sniffle? IAQ Products Can Help!

woman sits at home office using a tissueSpring is a beautiful time of year, with the trees budding and the flowers blooming. Unfortunately, it can also be a tough time for people who suffer from seasonal allergies. Pollen counts are on the rise, and that can cause some sniffling, sneezing, and stuffy noses for those with allergies. While there’s not a lot you can do about the outdoors, there are a few ways you can help improve your indoor air quality or IAQ.

You might be thinking that you don’t really need indoor air quality products because those allergens are outside. However, pollen and other allergens (like mold) can easily get into your home and wreak havoc with your spring allergies. Pollen can come in on your clothing, your shoes, and through open doors or windows. And, the damp weather during spring can help mold and mildew grow in your home. Once these allergens are inside, your HVAC system can circulate them through the air time and time again.

What can I do to keep allergens at bay inside my home?

There are a few practical things you can do when the pollen counts are high outside. You can make sure to take off your outerwear and shoes before entering your home. And, on days when the weather report indicates a high pollen count, you can keep doors and windows closed as much as possible. If mold is a problem, you can check damp areas of your home, like basements and bathrooms, and make sure there is proper air circulation and any traces of mold and mildew growth are cleaned up as soon as you notice them.

For some allergy sufferers, these measures aren’t quite enough, and they need to consider installing indoor air quality products in their homes. At Family Danz, we want you to be as comfortable as possible in your home, and we know that often means more than just helping you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. That’s why we offer a complete lineup of indoor air quality products to help keep the air in your home as fresh and clean as possible.

What products do you provide that can help with my home’s IAQ?

You trust Bryant® heating and air conditioning products to help you stay comfortable, no matter what the weather is like outside. Did you know that they also offer some of the best indoor air quality products as well? At Family Danz, we’re pleased to offer the following Bryant indoor air quality products to our customers:

  • Evolution™ Air Purifier: Compact enough to fit in your home’s HVAC installation, this solution offers whole-home air purification by cleaning the air that flows through your system. It can trap up to 95 percent of particles and inactivates 99 percent of select airborne pathogens (such as human influenza, common cold surrogate, streptococcus pyogenes, and the murine coronavirus) using patented Captures & Kills® technology. Not to mention, it provides long-lasting MERV-15 efficiency.
  • Bryant® Ventilator: Today’s airtight homes often provide no way to refresh your indoor environment. Bryant ventilators bring filtered outdoor air into your home, replacing the stale, trapped indoor air. And, unlike opening a window, ventilation systems work with your home’s HVAC system to preserve efficiency.
  • Bryant® UV Lights: Because of the often-damp environment inside your air conditioning unit, it can become the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria. Bryant UV lamps are designed to focus intense UV light on the cooling coil, thus killing mold and bacteria that may have formed there. Not only does this help improve indoor air quality, it helps your system operate more efficiently, too.
  • Humidity Control: Whether the air in your home is too dry or too damp, Bryant has the solution. The Preferred™ Series humidifier lineup helps deliver moist air throughout your home, while the Preferred™ Series whole-home dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the indoor air.
  • Preferred™ Series Carbon Monoxide Alarm: Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and can be deadly. To keep your family safe from CO poisoning, it’s important to have controls in place that can alert you to a possible carbon monoxide leak. This carbon monoxide alarm uses sophisticated electronics and sensor technology to detect the CO levels in your home.

Call Family Danz for the indoor air quality products you need for your home.

If you’re ready for fresher, cleaner indoor air for your home, Family Danz is ready to assist you! We’ll help you breathe easier this spring, and all year long, with quality indoor air quality products from Bryant. Call Family Danz today at (518) 427-8685 to learn more about our complete lineup of IAQ products, and to schedule an appointment.

Just give us a call at (518) 427-8685, and we will be glad to assist you.

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Feeling Chilly This Winter? Keep Your Whole House Warm with Ductless!

Woman sits on couch using remote control on ductless unitThe cold winter months in the Capital Region can certainly make it difficult to stay comfortable. You look to your home as a warm, cozy haven to come into out of the cold, but if your heating isn’t adequate, you’re probably feeling the chill even when you’re indoors. Central heating systems work great in areas where your ductwork can reach, but in some instances, you may need a little extra help keeping your house warm.

Fortunately, ductless heating systems are a great option. Because of new technology, ductless now works great even in colder climates, making it a solid choice for homeowners in the Northeast. Plus, because it is available in a number of different configurations, it can be installed in most homes with minimal construction and downtime. In this article, we’ll explore the different ways ductless may benefit your home.

Areas of Your Home Where Ductless Heating Can Be Beneficial

Ductless heating relies on a heat pump system to transfer the heat from the outdoor air into your home. Many people worry this won’t work in colder temperatures, but there is heat in the outdoor air, even on chillier days. This heat is brought into the home using an outdoor heat pump unit and generally requires only a small-diameter hole to connect the outdoor and indoor units. As a result, your technician should easily be able to install your ductless system quickly – so you will be toasty-warm in no time.

Ductless systems can either be installed as singular units or in a multiple unit configuration throughout your whole home. Here are three different scenarios where ductless can help keep your entire house comfortable:

  1. You have an addition or converted space. If you’ve added onto your home or converted an area such as an attached garage or attic into living space, this area of your home might not have access to your central HVAC system. With a ductless system, you’ll be able to keep that area of your home warm, without having the mess and expense of adding ductwork.
  2. You have “cold spots” in your home. There are a variety of reasons you may notice one room of your home does not warm up adequately. If you have an older home, it may have not been originally built with an HVAC system in mind. If you’ve added space, your current heating system may not be able to effectively heat the home due to its sizing. A ductless system can help remedy that – and help your central heating system work more efficiently.
  3. You have old, inefficient baseboard electric heat. Generally speaking, homes with electric heating systems often do not have ductwork. Adding it can be a costly, time-consuming, and messy venture. And, you may not have the space to add ductwork to your home. With ductless heating, you can replace an old baseboard heating system with a new, highly efficient system that takes up no floor space and provides the benefit of air conditioning in the summer – so you can get rid of those bulky, noisy window AC units.

Wait… ductless can keep my home cool in the summer, too?

Yes! As an added benefit of ductless, the process of transferring heat indoors can be reversed in the summer months, keeping you and your family cool when it gets hot outdoors. A ductless system provides heating and air conditioning, all in one compact unit!

And, there are some other benefits you’ll appreciate as well:

  • High efficiency. Ductless systems, according to ENERGY STAR, use an average of 60 percent less energy to operate than standard baseboard electric heat, and up to 30 percent less energy than window or room air conditioners.
  • Quiet operation. Most people who have ductless heating and cooling marvel over how quiet their system is – in fact, most say it’s as quiet as a whisper. Anyone who has had noisy window air conditioning can appreciate that!
  • Remote control. Ductless systems are extremely easy to control using a remote. Some even have an app that you can download, making it easy to control the temperature using your smartphone.

How can I get ductless heating and cooling for my home?

Getting ductless for your home is as easy as giving Family Danz a call. We’ll be glad to talk to you about ductless heating and cooling, and what configuration is the best choice for your home. Just give us a call at (518)427-8685, and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment with you.

Contact Family Danz

Maintenance, Repair, or Replacement: What Does Your Furnace Need?

HVAC technician works on a gas furnace Now that winter has arrived and we’ve experienced some colder weather, you might be feeling a little bit concerned about the furnace in your home. Maybe the air quality in your home is not as good as it used to be. Or, maybe you’ve noticed your energy bills are much higher than they should be. Perhaps, you’re simply not as toasty as you’d like to be. No matter what the scenario – if your furnace isn’t keeping you comfortable, there could be a problem.

Of course, the best-case scenario is that your furnace may just need some maintenance or a minor repair. Unfortunately, it may need more extensive repairs, and if that’s the case, you might be wondering if it would make more sense to simply replace it. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the signs your furnace might be showing if it needs maintenance or repair, and we’ll talk about when it may be time to consider a replacement. Keep reading to learn more!

Signs Your Furnace Needs Maintenance

Let’s start off by saying that getting maintenance for your furnace on an annual basis is a good idea. The Department of Energy encourages heating equipment maintenance, indicating that proper maintenance is vital to efficient operation, and can help you save up to 10-25% in energy consumption. So, choosing an annual maintenance plan from a qualified expert is best practice when it comes to your heating system. However, if you haven’t had your system maintained in a while you might notice these signs that you need to call your HVAC contractor:

  • Your home isn’t as comfortable as you’d like. Whether you’ve noticed a decrease in comfort in certain areas or throughout, this is often a result of a poorly maintained system. There could be dirt or debris build-up that needs to be removed or a clogged filter.
  • You’ve noticed a decrease in the quality of air in your home. If you’re seeing particles dancing in the sunbeams, have noticed you need to dust more often, or your family is sniffling when the furnace kicks on, maintenance is very likely in order.
  • Your energy bills have increased. If you’ve noticed a spike in your energy bills for no apparent reason, it is likely that your furnace is having to work harder, and is using more energy to do so. Usually, this is a result of dirty, clogged filters and internal components.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

While dusty air and higher energy bills often signal the need for a furnace tune-up, sometimes there is more going on than a maintenance call can remedy. If you’ve noticed any of the following, there is almost definitely something going on with your furnace, and you should call your HVAC contractor right away:

  • Screeching, banging, or grinding noises
  • Unusual, foul odors that smell like melting plastic or rubber
  • Your furnace keeps cycling on and off
  • Your furnace will not start

Please note, if you notice any smoke coming from your furnace, or if your carbon monoxide alarm goes off, you should leave your home and call your fire department immediately. These are serious issues and you should not wait for repair services in these instances.

When it Might Be Time to Replace

Of course, this is the scenario nobody wants to think about – having to replace their furnace. Heating equipment is a costly investment in your home and with good reason. Not only does it need to be built to last and keep your family comfortable, but it also has to provide safe heating as well. Still, most homeowners like to weigh their options before purchasing a new system.

Factors you should take into consideration include:

  • How old is my furnace? Most furnaces last between 10-20 years, so if yours is getting up there in age, you might want to replace it. It actually can save you money in the long run, because today’s furnaces are much more energy-efficient than their predecessors.
  • How often has my furnace needed repairs? If you’ve got your HVAC contractor on speed dial, and it seems like you’ve had to have frequent repairs made in order to keep it running properly, then it might be time to consider a replacement.
  • How expensive are the repairs? If you’ve needed frequent repairs, the costs definitely begin to add up. And, if your system breaks down and it will need extensive repairs in order to get it back up and running, you will definitely want to weigh the costs of repair versus replacement, especially if your system is older and less efficient.

How can Family Danz help me get the furnace services I need?

At Family Danz, we take great pride in providing you with complete heating services, including furnace maintenance, repair, and replacement. We can give your furnace the check-up it needs to help determine if there is any cause for concern, and we can make sure it receives proper annual maintenance to help it last longer and operate as effectively and efficiently as possible. And, we’ll help you in the event you need repairs or replacement, too. If you have any concerns about your home’s furnace, give us a call today at (518) 427-8685 to find out how we can help meet your furnace needs this winter – no matter what they may be!
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How Do I Know if My AC System Needs Repair?

technician fixing wiringYou and your family have just come home from a day at the beach. While you all had fun in the sun, you can’t help but look forward to relaxing in a cool, comfortable home. However, the minute you walk in the door, you realize your home feels uncomfortably warm and stuffy. And, upon further investigation, you discover that your home’s air conditioning system has broken down.

While nobody wants to think about this scenario, too often people only notice that something is wrong with their air conditioning system when it breaks down completely. But, some signs can help you recognize that there may be a problem with your system before it stops working. In this article, we’ll share some of the signals your AC system may send you if it’s headed for a breakdown.

Five Signs Your AC Might Need Help

Unfortunately, your air conditioning system can’t tell you when it needs service. However, if you notice any of these signs, you may want to call Family Danz to help:

  • Not Cool, AC… Obviously, the job of your air conditioning system is to cool the air in your home. So, if you’re noticing that the air coming from your vents feels warm, then there is likely a problem.
  • What’s That Smell? Your air conditioning system should not be stinky. If it is, something isn’t working right. Musty odors usually indicate mold growth inside your system, while chemical or plastic-like odors can signal an electrical problem.
  • No-Go with the Flow. Is the airflow coming from your system weak? While this may seem like a major cause for alarm, the chances are your system just needs a good cleaning and your filter needs to be replaced. Give us a call and we can help.
  • Wasted Energy. You know that your AC system requires energy to operate, so you expect that there may be an increase in your energy bills once the summer months hit. But if your bills are rising exponentially with no reasonable explanation, your air conditioning system is likely operating less efficiently – and that can signal a problem.
  • Hey, Quiet Down! Is your air conditioning system making noise that is way outside the norm? If you’re hearing squealing, grating, or grinding sounds coming from your AC unit, you should have it checked out as soon as possible.

Noticing one or more of these signs? It’s probably time to call Family Danz.

The good news is, there’s no need to suffer from an air conditioning system that isn’t operating properly – Family Danz is ready to help. Our expert technicians can troubleshoot virtually any make or model of AC system. We’ll diagnose the problem, and make the necessary repairs to get your system up and running effectively and efficiently. Simply give us a call at 518.427.8685, and we will be more than happy to schedule an appointment with you!

Need to Cool a Seasonal Room? Consider Ductless.

Room in a home with a wall-mounted ductless unitMany homes, both older and modern, feature seasonal rooms that allow for spectacular views and a great area to unwind after a long day at work. However, during the heat of the summer, these rooms can be a bit uncomfortable. Often, these rooms don’t have access to the home’s duct system, so central air conditioning might not reach them. Fans and window AC are options, but these may not cool the space effectively and efficiently. Fortunately, there is an option that can make your seasonal room a comfortable haven – ductless cooling.

Ductless cooling is a great choice for areas that don’t have access to your home’s duct system, like seasonal rooms, additions, converted attics or garages, or finished basements. Unlike other room cooling options, like window or portable air conditioning, ductless systems don’t take up living space, obstruct views, or create uncomfortable noise levels. In this article, we’ll explain how ductless can be beneficial, and how it can help you better enjoy all the spaces in your home.

Five Reasons to Choose Ductless Cooling

As we said above, ductless cooling can help you enjoy quiet comfort that doesn’t take up window or floor space. That in and of itself is a great reason to consider ductless over traditional window air conditioning. But there are other additional benefits that might surprise you.

  1. Ductless cooling is energy efficient. Ductless systems utilize heat pumps to work, which makes them highly energy-efficient. And because ductless cooling can help balance spaces in your home where your central AC might not reach, it can help your main system operate more efficiently, too.
  2. Ductless can help with indoor air quality. Ductless systems are great at filtering out particles that might be floating around in your indoor air, such as dust, dander, and pollen. Generally speaking, the filters are easy to remove and clean, allowing you and your family to enjoy fresher air.
  3. Ductless systems blend into your home décor. Because they are mounted high on walls or on ceilings, your ductless system won’t block your views or take up floor space like other room air conditioning systems.
  4. Ductless AC systems are easy to control. Most are controlled via remote, so anyone using the room can adjust the temperature easily at the touch of a button! Some ductless systems are WiFi-enabled, allowing you to control your system from your smartphone or laptop.
  5. Many ductless systems can provide heating, too. If you have a room in your home that you don’t use when it gets too hot or too cold outside, a ductless system can make that a thing of the past. There are ductless systems available that can provide both heating and cooling, so you and your family can enjoy all the spaces in your home all year long!

For energy-efficient comfort throughout your entire home, ductless is a great choice.

As you can see, there are many reasons homeowners are choosing ductless systems for room air conditioning. What’s more, many utility companies offer rebates for ductless systems, because they are so energy-efficient and can help the home’s entire HVAC system work more efficiently, too. If you’d like to learn more about how ductless systems can help you and your family enjoy greater comfort – and save money on your energy bills – all you need to do is contact Family Danz. We’ll be more than happy to tell you more about ductless cooling and heating products, and how we can help you enjoy better home comfort. Just give us a call at 518.427.8685, and we’ll be glad to schedule an appointment with you!