Be Sure to Prep Your Central AC for Fall

Did you know that a quality central air conditioning system could serve you well for 15 years or more with the proper maintenance?

They key words here are “proper maintenance,” and sadly not everyone does their part in preserving their investment.

At Family Danz Heating & Cooling, we get those emergency repair calls from folks in the Albany, N.Y. area that have suddenly found their air conditioning no longer works the way it should. And all too often, the culprit is the home or business owners themselves.

It’s not everyone, of course — most people treat their AC systems with the TLC they need to keep them up and running. Maybe the rest just need a little reminder.

With the colder weather coming again around the Capital District of New York State, your AC system will soon get a much-needed break from the wear and tear of summer usage. But that rest time won’t be as beneficial to the equipment if you don’t prepare it properly for the elements.

Make sure to change the air filter and give your AC unit a thorough cleaning before you pack it up for the winter. That way you know it’ll be ready to go come the next hot day next year.

Leaves will soon be falling, and if you have an outside condenser it is important to keep them and any other debris away from the machinery. Snow on top of those leaves will only compound the problem. Make sure to keep the AC equipment free of clutter … and also trim away any foliage that can become a hindrance. Once you are sure it is cool enough that you won’t need the cooling relief of your AC system make sure to cover it to protect it from the winter. If you have portable AC units, remove them from the windows and store them in a safe place.

Even with all of these do-it-yourself seasonal maintenance tips, we are always right here for you if you feel the job is more than you can handle. To schedule a professional AC checkup before the winter sets in, give Family Danz a call today.

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