What Lurks Inside Your Ductwork?

Summer is now just a memory for residents of Saratoga, N.Y. and the Capital District of New York State, and that means soon they will start preparing to button down for the long, cold winter months around the corner.

That will mean furnaces that have been resting for several months will soon come back to life. But what has been going on inside your heating ductwork even as it lay dormant through the spring and summer?

At Family Danz Heating & Cooling, we recommend a thorough, professional cleaning of heating ductwork well before turning your system on for the first time in the fall. Just about everyone has experienced that blast of nasty, dirty air coming through their registers the first time the furnace is turned on in the fall, as the debris trapped in the ducts and accumulating over the summer starts to work loose and fly out into the room.

Just think about what could be inside there — unclean heating ducts can have a buildup of dirt, dust, mold, mites, bugs and bug droppings, rodent remnants, and other flotsam that isn‘t easy on the human lungs. And if you think you are OK because you always keep a clean furnace filter installed, you are wrong — that filter only cleans the air going into the furnace, leaving the air coming out unfiltered, delivering all of those pesky particles right into the air you breathe.

You know it‘s inevitable that the cold weather will soon return, so why not make sure your entire heating system is up to all of the challenges the winter will be throwing at it this season? Give Family Danz a call today for an expert cleaning and inspection of your heating apparatus, and rest easy knowing you are ready for whatever the cold months send your way. Well, except for the snow shoveling part — you are on your own there.

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