5 Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Allergens at Bay in Your Home

How to Fight Fall Allergens in Your Home

Fall is here, and that means the weather is changing, the leaves are falling, and for many – allergens are on the rise! What makes fall such a sniffling, sneezing time of year for allergy sufferers? There are a couple of different factors.
5 Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Allergens at Bay in Your Home Infographic.
The weather changes from warm to cool and back again can wreak havoc with some people’s sinuses. The leaves that look so beautiful on the trees can turn into damp piles of mold-growing matter once on the ground. And, there are some fall plants like goldenrod that are in full bloom and sending their nefarious pollen into the air.

5 Steps You Can Take to Keep Allergens at Bay in Your Home

Obviously, there is very little you can do to control the outdoor air. But there are a few measures you can take to ensure that the indoor air in your home is as allergen-free as possible. Below are five steps you can take to cut down on those allergy-inducing culprits – and enjoy cleaner, fresher indoor air in the process.

  1. Keep windows closed during high-pollen days. If you’re an allergy sufferer, keeping those windows shut can help mitigate pollen entering your home.
  1. Remove shoes/outerwear before entering the house. Leaving your jacket and shoes out of your living space can help keep allergens you pick up outside out of your home.
  1. Vacuum more often. Pollen and allergens can settle into carpets. So, vacuum more often during the times when your allergies tend to flare.
  1. Install a clean filter in your HVAC system. Over time, your filter can become clogged with particulates – and send those allergens circulating through your home.
  1. Consider an air cleaning system for your home. Your HVAC dealer can recommend and install indoor air quality products that can help improve your indoor air quality.

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