Five Ways You Can Save Energy This Year

Couple holding a small model of a homeWhen the winter months arrive, we tend to take notice of how we use energy in our homes a bit more. Keeping your home warm can be expensive, and with a good portion of your utility budget going to heating, you may be looking for ways to decrease your energy use. Fortunately, there are many simple steps you can take that help conserve energy in your home. While they may seem like small steps, they add up – helping you save money this winter, and all year long.

Want better energy efficiency? Here are five things you can do today to start saving!

  1. Unplug It. Not using a small appliance, phone charger, or battery charger? Then unplug it. It might not seem like a huge step to take in energy conservation, but it makes a difference. All of these items continue to sap energy, even when they’re not being used. You might be surprised to learn average homeowners can save 10 percent annually on energy bills, just by taking the time to unplug items when not in use.
  2. Go LED. Choosing efficient LED bulbs over incandescent bulbs not only helps you conserve energy (incidentally, LEDs use up to 75 percent less). It also helps you save on the cost of lightbulb replacement in the long run, because LED bulbs last much longer than incandescents – up to 50 times longer! When you consider the average home has 40+ fixtures, making the switch will definitely pay for itself in the long run.
  3. Mind the Gaps. Do you have drafts around your doors and windows? These small gaps let the heated air outside – and lets the cold air in, making your heating system have to work harder to keep your home toasty. Sealing the gaps is a fairly simple, inexpensive DIY fix, and can save energy – and save unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment, because it doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable.
  4. Turn it Down. Your thermostat, that is. If you remember to turn it down just a couple of degrees when you aren’t home, it can help you save energy. And, dropping it by 10 degrees (for instance, from 72ºF to 62ºF can save up to 15 percent every year. To make it even easier, consider installing a programmable thermostat that you can set to run at different temperatures throughout the day, or investing in a smart thermostat that “learns” your family’s habits!
  5. Tune it Up. Yes, you’ve heard us say it before, but we’ll say it again – making sure you get your annual heating system maintenance is one of the most important ways you can save energy. Yearly tune-ups help your equipment stay efficient, and can keep your system from breaking down before its time – saving you on expensive repair or replacement costs.

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