Enjoy Some Healthy AC This Summer

With all of the money people pour into keeping themselves healthy these days, it’s odd that an air conditioning system in homes or offices in the Albany, N.Y. area is still sometimes seen as a luxury. Truth is, it can be one of the biggest boons to your health, your state of mind, and your level of productivity that you can have.

At Family Danz Heating & Cooling, we’ve been helping keep people comfortable from the Capital District summer heat by selling and servicing AC systems for nearly four decades. But along with that increased comfort level comes a lot of other benefits, and those truly make an AC system invaluable, if not a necessity.

Many people simply overheat on hot days — especially the very old or very young — and air conditioning will help ease if not eliminate the conditions that can cause heat-related health issues. Whether they simply slow down from the heat, or get so overwhelmed it actually leads to heat stroke, the AC will cool them down and ease the situation. The heat can also dehydrate you, and even adversely effect certain medications. And fans won’t be doing you much good when the heat and humidity reach their peak; they just blow all of that nasty air at you.

Air conditioning also allows you to keep the windows closed, and that eliminates exposure to the air contaminants outside. People with allergies and any respiratory issues will benefit from being secluded away from the pollen that is especially prevalent this time of year. Removing the moisture from the air also helps prevent the growth of mold inside the home, another potential health hazard.

And don’t forget — these are all great arguments to make sure your boss has AC installed in the workplace. A cool, comfortable environment is way more productive than one where everyone is sweltering from the heat.

Give Family Danz a call and we will show you how the installation of an AC system really will be a benefit to business, and a great investment with a positive and fast return.

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