How Do You Know if You Need AC Repair in Your Albany, NY Home?

You might be thinking that last summer, the air conditioning system in your Albany, NY home didn’t keep you quite as cool as you’d have liked. Maybe you’ve been a little lax on maintaining your system, so you’re not entirely sure if things are running up to par, or if your AC unit could use some work. If you’re questioning whether or not your system might be in jeopardy, there are a few warning signs you can look for when considering AC repair in Albany, NY home.

Noise: Modern air conditioners have been designed to operate both quietly and efficiently. If you’ve noticed that the AC system in your Albany, NY home is a little on the noisy side these days, you might want to call Family Danz to come in and check out your system. There may be some parts that are loose or disconnected – or your motor might be going. Give your system a listen.

Low Airflow: If the airflow of the AC system in your Albany, NY home seems weak, there might be a problem. It could be as simple as a clogged filter obstructing normal airflow through the system. If you change your filter and there still are air circulation issues, then there may be a problem with your system’s blower.

Poor Cooling: One of the most telltale signs of an AC issue is if you notice that the air blowing from your system is warmer than usual. Or, your system may be taking longer to reach the desired temperature than it used to. These are obvious signs that the air conditioner in your Albany, NY home isn’t working as well as it should. You may need a refrigerant refill, but if that doesn’t remedy the problem, unfortunately you could be in for a bigger fix.

The best way to keep the air conditioning system in your Albany, NY home running its best is through preventive maintenance. Family Danz is pleased to offer annual maintenance plans to our customers, so that they can enjoy comfort year-round and avoid the costly repairs that come from an unmaintained system. If you think your air conditioning system could benefit from a system check, give Family Danz a call today at 518-427-8685, and we will be more than happy to assist you.