Zoning for Maximum Heating Efficiency

It’s getting colder outside. Unfortunately for anybody trying to be environmentally and cost conscious by keeping their home thermostats lower to conserve energy, that means it’s likely to be getting a bit colder inside as well.

While energy efficiency and saving money have become major concerns, all too often homeowners miss one of the most effective methods to accomplish both right in their own homes. Setting up zones blocking off specific areas for heat can save both energy and money while maintaining a comfort level you enjoy in your home. Most people have parts of the home that are used more while others are used less, so there is really no reason that each section has to be heated in the winter — or cooled in the summer — to the same temperature.

A rarely-used guest or storage room doesn’t need to be kept at a comfortable temperature all the time, so it pays to look into automatic zoning with the installation of ductwork dampers controlling the temperatures of individual rooms. Using automatic zoning, ducts in unused areas are opened and closed depending on each area’s thermostat settings, based not only on the current temperature but the expected occupancy as well.

Zoning is even more precise than the use of a programmable thermostat. It not only brings the home to a pre-planned temperature before you expect to return or get up in the morning, but works on a room-by-room basis. Each room can have a temperature different from the others, saving the homeowner from having to pay for the heating/cooling in rooms that are not in use while also maximizing comfort levels in the rooms that are expected to be occupied.

This way, the entire home is now more comfortable for all. Automatic zoning is also more convenient, because it adjusts temperatures in each room without the necessity of adjusting thermostats or even the installation of separate HVAC systems. It also keeps individual rooms from becoming too hot or too cool once at the pre-programmed temperature.

The temperature is now comfortable in all areas of your home at all time, and the energy bill goes down as well … that’s the bonus of zoning.

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