Riding the Storm Out

The recent news about the power outages in New York City and New Jersey caused by Superstorm Sandy reiterates the need of being prepared — especially during the cold of winter — to suddenly be plunged into the darkness of a loss of utilities.

Family Danz wants to make sure you stay warm and safe throughout the winter, so we have a few prior preparation tips to give you the peace of mind in knowing you are ready for a storm as best you can be.

Be prepared when the storm hits — keep tabs on approaching storms via radio and TV before it arrives so you know what to expect, to whatever degree nature is predictable, that is. Make sure you know where your family members are, and plan ahead to make sure you have plenty of entertainment that doesn’t include plugging in video games to keep everybody occupied. Try a couple of days cooped up with the kids and no electricity and you’ll understand the need for those old-fashioned board games.

Turn your thermostat up a bit before the storm arrives so you are already toasty warm if the heat goes off. Keep your cell phone charged to the max so it will last as long as possible if the power goes out. And don’t forget essentials like prescription medications, diapers, wipes, and baby formula.

If the power goes out for a short time, keep the doors to your refrigerator and freezer closed and your food should be OK. Eat your food in the order that it is likely to go bad — perishables first — and don’t forget if the power is off for awhile there is plenty of cold places outdoors or on a porch to store your food. Just keep an eye on the temperature and make sure you don’t set it in the sun.

General safety supplies you should have nearby include flashlights and fresh batteries (the size that fits the flashlights, naturally) a snow shovel, a can opener, blankets and warm clothes, matches and candles, a battery-operated radio, and a cook stove like used on camping trips. In areas expecting long term or frequent power outages you may want to invest in a generator.

We at Family Danz want to make sure your family is as safe as possible during the winter and at all times of the year, and would be happy to discuss one-on-one with you an emergency preparation plan. Call Family Danz today at .