Weatherstripping – An Investment that Pays for Itself

As the cold weather season approaches, there is an inexpensive way to not only make your home more comfortable during the winter but to also save money on your heating bills at the same time. The installation of weather-stripping material around doors and windows can keep out the drafts of the winter while keeping in the warmth for you and your family to enjoy.

Not sure if you need weather-stripping? There’s an easy way to check — on a windy or cold day, stand inside and hold your hand up to the areas around the doors and windows. If you feel a chilly draft coming through it’s time to install a protective barrier to stop it.

There are numerous kinds of weather-stripping, but some of the most popular are simple rolls of foam or rubber material with a self-adhesive backing. Weather-stripping is applied to fill the crevices of windows and doors where they make contact when closed to seal those gaps where the union isn‘t quite tight.

As with most projects, prior preparation prevents poor performance, so make sure the surfaces are clean by using a dish soap and water mixture or a similar concoction. And then make sure that the surface is  dry after the cleaning — either the dirt or the wetness will keep the weather-stripping from making a proper bond.

Measure out the weather-stripping to match the area where it will be placed, keeping in mind the places it will overlap to make the 90 degree angles. Removing the protective plastic, press the adhesive side down until you have a nice, smooth line along the gap. Then let it set for 10 or 15 minutes before attempting to close the door or window to ensure a good seal.

Weather-stripping also comes in nail-on and press-in-place varieties of metal-reinforced felt, nail-on plain felt, tubular foam, v-shaped vinyl, and several other materials, shapes and sizes. Experience and experimentation — along with the help of your friendly Family Danz expert — will help you discover the best weather-stripping fit for your needs.

But before you weather-strip make sure the last breath of warm weather is definitely over — you’ll be disappointed if you have your home all sealed up and a final weekend of sun and heat comes along where you wish you could open up those windows.

Weather-stripping is one of those home investments that literally pays for itself in energy savings. For expert advice on the purchase and installation of any weather-stripping materials, call Family Danz at .