Breaking the Mold

It’s been a wet fall so far, and as homes are now sealed up for the winter months the combination of dampness and lack of ventilation can lead to the unsightly — and potentially health threatening – growth of mold in the cool, moist, and dark recesses of the house.

Mold can penetrate wood and cause it to rot. It can bubble off paint and peel off wallpaper. It can hide inside walls and under carpets. Mold often grows in out-of-the-way parts of the home like attics and basements where there isn’t a lot of ventilation, so it isn‘t always spotted right away.

It isn’t always black, but can grow in a rainbow of colors, and varies from benign to toxic. Even more importantly and depending on an exposed person’s sensitivity, the proximity to mold can cause reactions from minor reactions like sneezing to more severe respiratory attacks.

There may not be any home cleanup as disgusting as mold removal. In minor cases, mold can be removed with a simple combination of bleach and water. But, if the mold has penetrated the surface, any mold-infected materials need to be cut out and removed. Be sure to wear a mask and goggles when clearing away moldy substances so you don’t inhale the spores or get particles in your eye, and open all nearby doors and windows for maximum ventilation.

Of course, the best way to avoid that unsightly and unhealthy mold is to prevent it before it appears. Keep the humidity down in all areas of the home, and maximize ventilation with plenty of fresh air running constantly. A moisture-free environment is the most mold-free, and remember that warm air is more likely to encourage mold growth than cold air.

Ducts running through unheated or un-cooled areas of the home should be properly insulated to prevent any condensation that can prompt mold growth. In homes with forced air heating and cooling, a high quality air filter should be used. Where there is a high potential for mold, or for families with members who have allergies, a whole house electronic air cleaner might be the solution.

Mold is one unwanted visitor you can prevent from visiting your home during the holidays. For expert information on any mold-related concerns, call Family Danz at .