We use only PREMIUM Heating Oil and Diesel Fuel

Heating Oil Delivery

Our premium heating oil contains a proprietary multifunctional fuel additive whose benefits include:

  • Dispersant – to gradually clean the entire heating oil system, preventing gum and sludge from building up on critical heating oil system components.
  • Corrosion Inhibitor – to prevent rust, resulting from inherent moisture that can build up inside steel tanks and metal components in heating oil systems.
  • Metal Deactivator – to prevent formation of gums and deposits that can occur when fuel comes in contact with metal fuel system components.
  • Fuel Stabilizer – to keep fuel fresher, longer.


Diesel Fuel Delivery

Formulated for maximum performance, our premium diesel is designed to:

  • Keep fuel systems running clean and problem free
  • Increase power and economy
  • Improve year round drivability
  • Protect investments in expensive diesel vehicles

Key components include:

  • Detergents to keep fuel system clean
  • Fuel Stabilizer to prevent sludge
  • Dispersant to clean the entire system by harmlessly removing and dispersing sludge
  • Corrosion Inhibitor to prevent rust from forming in fuel systems and storage tanks
  • Lubricity Enhancers to protect pumps and injectors from the effects of friction

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