5 Tips for Better Air Conditioning Performance

Your air conditioning system was likely a significant investment in your home. As such, you want it to last as long as possible. But, if your AC is overworked, the more likely it is to perform poorly, need repairs before its time, or worse yet, break down completely and need to be replaced.

Fortunately, there are some very simple measure you can take to help it last longer. And, these measures, although easy, provide an added bonus for most homeowners – because they improve system performance, your air conditioning system uses less energy. So, when it comes time for your utility bills, you’ll likely notice that you’re saving money as well.

These five tips can help improve your air conditioner’s performance:

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    • Change your filter frequently. Your system’s filter gets dirty, especially when your AC is running consistently. It’s important to make sure your filter is clean – the dirtier it is, the harder your air conditioning system has to work to circulate the cooled air throughout your home.


    • Make sure your outdoor unit is free of foliage and debris. If your outside unit is obstructed, it can make it difficult for your unit to get the proper air flow – and that can make it work harder.


    • Take measures to keep your home cooler. Not using the oven, reversing your ceiling fans to counter-clockwise, and keeping blinds or curtains closed during the day are all ways you can keep your home cooler.


    • Consider adding ductless units. If you’ve added area to your home, or converted spaces like basements, attics or attached garages into living spaces, your original air conditioning system may not be the right size to accommodate your home anymore. By adding ductless cooling to these spaces, you can keep your central air from having to work harder.


    • Sign up for annual maintenance. A well-maintained system performs better because it’s properly cleaned, small issues are taken care of, and refrigerants are at the appropriate level.

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