Family Danz Helps You Get Your Thermostat Fine-Tuned for Your Lifestyle

A lot can happen at your home or office while you aren’t there.

Summertime temperature fluctuations and high humidity throughout Troy and the entire Capital District of New York can wreak havoc, especially on your electronics. But keeping the air conditioning running constantly at full blast can be an expensive remedy.

At Family Danz Heating & Cooling, we can help you be a constant temperature watchperson over your abode or workplace. With just a little assistance from us, you can easily maintain the perfect temperature to avoid any heat damage while at the same time guaranteeing a comfortable level of cooling for when you return.

This time of year, your cooling bills are probably rising right along with the mercury in the thermometer. One of the best ways to keep those costs down is with a programmable thermostat. But to operate them at their maximum performance, those thermostats need to be installed and used correctly. Running the program improperly can end up costing even more money, so that’s where you can depend on Family Danz for our expert service and instruction.

There are a few choices in programmable thermostats available, and the best for you depends on your schedule. The federal Energy Star program suggests the seven-day programmed version if your schedule changes day by day, because it gives you the most flexibility with different cooling cycles every single day. There are also models that allow for a programmed schedule that stays the same every day during the week, with a separate program schedule for the weekends, and one that gives you the same schedule on weekdays, with two different schedules on each day of the weekend.

Many of them also have “hold” settings for times when your schedule changes, like if you go away on vacation.

The programmable thermostats need to be fine-tuned to your personal schedules to offer the maximum performance — and money savings — so we will be happy to talk with you to learn how we can set the program to best serve your needs. Thermostats that are properly programmed will offer pre-planned comfort all the time you are there, but a thermostat that isn’t programmed right will lead to cooling times out of sync with your schedule and defeat the purpose of installing it.

And don’t forget to upgrade with other features to match your lifestyle. There are digital displays, touch pads, and even voice and telephone operation.

At Family Danz, your comfort is of the utmost importance to us. Give us a call today to see what our programmable thermostats can do to make your cooling system more efficient, while saving you some money at the same time.

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