Heating Your Home: The High Cost of Procrastination

The cold season is back in the Capital District, and now that your furnace is running again you’ve noticed there’s something out of kilter. It’s making some weird noises and the warm air coming out isn’t quite as warm as it used to be. But you know that new furnaces are a big investment, the holidays are coming up, and you’ve got lots of expenses already … so maybe you can just squeak at least one more season out of that old furnace?

We at Family Danz Heating & Cooling appreciate your predicament and want to make the decision as easy on you as possible. While we understand the hesitation of jumping into the purchase of a new furnace, let’s think about the detrimental effects of waiting too long to make that commitment.

The most serious problem with not replacing a dying furnace is the safety concerns it creates in the home. Statistics show the vast majority of safety problems will happen during the last year of a furnace’s use, so that is when you will have to seriously be worried about carbon monoxide leakage. That deadly gas can be pumped throughout the home in the air released by the furnace and is a health hazard even in small concentrations.

Your wallet is going to start feeling the crunch from your hesitation, as your energy bills will start to rise because of the loss of efficiency in your lame furnace. It will become more expensive to run because it’s going to take more energy to bring your home to a comfort level you expect. That’s not going to come cheap. Don’t forget inflation, too … that furnace you are putting off buying today may just cost you a few extra bucks next year.

As your furnace deteriorates, the day it finally dies is fast approaching. Suddenly, and you know it will happen on the coldest day of the winter, you and your family will find yourselves without heat. Then, replacing the furnace will be an emergency. Likely, you will be in a rush and not really able to take your time to consider all aspects of the purchase. The perfect furnace model for your situation might even be out of stock when you need it the most, so don’t take that chance.

It’s a given that every furnace will eventually fail, so it’s best to be prepared. We can help you make an educated decision in a new heating system that is best for your home and your budget. Procrastination can have serious expense, so take some time to consider your options before a dead furnace dictates them for you.

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