Your A/C – To Service or Replace

It’s been a summer of record heat across New York State, forcing air conditioning units to be tasked to their maximum capacity. Unfortunately, with that kind of extra effort there is more wear and tear on the machinery keeping you cool.

It probably won’t be long — and it’s likely to happen on the hottest day of the year — that your AC will need some professional Family Danz attention.

Keep an eye, as well as ear and nose, out for tell-tale signs that you might need some knowledgeable repair help to keep you feeling comfortable on those dog days. Probably the first sign of problem is the lack of cooling ability from the AC unit. If you suddenly feel hot and sticky where you were feeling cool and comfy shortly beforehand, your AC is likely on the fritz.

You know what you AC sounds like when it’s working normally, so when suddenly there are unusual noises coming from the unit it’s time to take a closer look. Also keep tabs on the smells coming from the AC; if you smell anything strange — especially a burning aroma – call your friendly Family Danz pro immediately so we can get you hooked up with a top notch repair person.

In the meantime, you can help keep your AC running at top efficiency with a few easy steps you can do in your own home. Keep the air filter clean, because dirt-filled filters obstruct the airflow and make the air conditioner work harder. It‘ll save on the machinery and on your energy bill. Check your central air conditioning system ductwork for leaks, and seal where needed with mastic duct sealant or metal foil-backed HVAC. And if you want even more money savings, have a programmable heating and cooling thermostat installed to make sure the home is cool and comfortable when you get there, but not so chill when you aren’t home to enjoy it.

The big question once you realize you have a problem situation with your AC is whether you need to repair the unit or replace it. Don’t worry about that one … leave it to the professionals! Call Family Danz to get hooked up with experienced repair personnel who will inspect the ailing air conditioning system to make an honest and accurate assessment.

It’s cool to call Family Danz; give us a ring today at and don‘t sweat out another hot summer day.