Living Free With Ductless AC

Do you like staying cool in the summertime but want an alternative to the noise and clutter of traditional air conditioning ducts?

Family Danz Heating & Cooling offers top of the line Bryant duct-free systems for your home or business — virtually eliminating the annoying background racket from the A/C units pumping cold air to you via metallic ductwork. A duct-free system can also help lower your energy bill at the same time.

The ductless cooling systems even give added accessibility to the hard-to-reach areas, and are increasingly popular in homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, and schools. A duct-free A/C even eliminates the need to obstruct your windows during the summer if you previously used the window-mounted units.

The ductless A/C features an inside component and an outside component, with the inside part containing the air handling unit, blower and evaporator, while the outside equipment houses the condenser and compressor. The outside unit rests on a flat surface for stability while the inside equipment is mounted on the ceiling or high on a wall for maximum cooling efficiency. There is only a small, three-inch opening carrying refrigerant lines between the two units, eliminating unsightly construction damage to your wall. This makes their installation very versatile and allows a ductless unit to go into places central air can’t go.

All of the noise of operation is now outside the home or office, leaving you quiet and cool on the inside. And even outdoors the equipment is smaller and quieter than traditional central or window-mounted A/C units.

Duct-free A/C saves on your energy bill by eliminating the energy loss from the ducted units, and are operated by handheld remote controls for maximum control and maximum efficiency by only cooling when and where you want it.

Family Danz offers expert advice and installation for all of your duct-free installation needs, whether you are looking to keep cool this summer and planning ahead for some ductless heating in the winter. For all of your home comfort needs all year long, give Family Danz Heating & Cooling a call at .