Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor for the Job

When you need to repair or replace your home’s comfort equipment, the first, and probably most important, step is choosing the right contractor for the job. There are many HVAC contractors out there, and some are better than others. You’ll want to work with a reputable company that guarantees the work they do, but beyond that, how can you evaluate your contractor to ensure they’re the right person for the job? ENERGY STAR has provided a helpful checklist to get you started.

The More You Know: Learn about New York State license and insurance requirements for contractors. Before you call a contractor, make sure to have the information on your system handy – make, model, and maintenance history. You’ll also want to make the contractor aware of trouble spots, like uncomfortable rooms, or rooms that seem to collect more dust than others.

Reference Check: When you call the contractor, ask them for customer references. (If they refuse to give them to you, they are probably not right for you.) Then call around – ask about things like professionalism, price, and performance. Ask your neighbors about contractors they might have used, and the experiences they had. And go online and check places like Angie’s List for reviews.

A Penny Saved: Home comfort systems are costly – one of the largest purchases you’ll make for your home. One way you can keep costs down is to check for special incentives and rebates available from manufacturers and utility companies. There are usually special incentives available for ENERGY STAR qualified cooling and heating equipment, too.

Get Evaluated: Your contractor should check your home and current system thoroughly before proceeding. You may not need a new system, and a good contractor will tell you that, and help you decide on whether to repair or replace. And, a good contractor will also want to evaluate your space and needs, to make sure you get a system that’s perfectly suited to your home comfort needs.

Get Estimates… And Get it In Ink: Shop around, but be an educated consumer, too. When comparing estimates from contractors, make sure you read the fine print and between the lines. The system that comes in at the lowest price might not be the most energy-efficient, and that’ll cost you more later on. And, once you choose your contractor, sign a written proposal before the work gets started.

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