Gas vs. Electric

Whether you want to improve the efficiency of your home’s utilities, cut down on your energy existing bills, or plan to move to a new home, you might want to examine the best way to fuel your HVAC equipment.

The question of electric vs. gas is as timeless as indoor furnaces, and obviously thoughts differ on the subject or everyone would have the same fuel source. The choice between electric, natural gas and liquefied propane is not always an easy one, because there are a lot of factors involved and they often vary by locale.

Electric is 100 percent energy efficient, as all of the electric power is converted to heat. It is also certainly safer to use than natural gas or propane, and more convenient for installation because they aren‘t dependent on the location of gas pipes and flues. Electric-powered systems might be more expensive to run constantly, but they afford the ease of being able to shut the heat off to areas not being used.

Natural gas is often cheaper and you don’t have to worry about weather conditions or running out because you forgot to arrange a delivery. It is the cleanest of all the fossil fuels, and nearly all of the natural gas used in America is a product of America, reducing dependence on foreign fuel sources. The Department of Energy reports that the use of natural gas is rising; in the period between 1986 and 1999, the number of newly constructed single family homes using natural gas for space heating rose from under 50 percent to 70percent.

Propane has the added costs of transportation, since it has to be trucked to your location and pumped into your holding tank before being consumed in the home. On the other hand, in some locations it may be the only option available. In that case, the decision is made pretty easily, if not always economically.

Don’t be confused by all of the variables in choosing between electric and gas — contact the experienced professionals at Family Danz to create an estimate of the cost differences that is geared specifically to your location and lifestyle. You can start with an energy audit to figure the exact needs in your home. Where you go from there is up to you, but we are there to help guide you in the best and most educated decision-making.

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