Spring Has Sprung (Almost)

Although Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck can’t seem to agree on exactly when we can expect it, spring will be here soon. The warmer weather — although we can’t really complain about this mild-so-far winter season — means not only April showers and May flowers, but the shift in attention from your heating system to your cooling system.

No, you probably won’t fire up your air conditioner within the next couple of months, but now is the time to start thinking about making your spring preparations. First off, put the final touches on the heating system’s 2011-2012 season by installing a new furnace filter. Sure, it won’t be used much during the spring and summer, but there’s no reason to have that dust and dirt sitting at the edge of your furnace intake all that time. It’s a breeding ground for filth.

OK, so now let’s shift to the AC unit. As with any project involving electrical apparatus, your top priority is to make sure the power is off to whatever equipment you are working on. The second priority is to never crank it up for the first time with the winter cover still on it. Once those two tasks are accomplished, it’s time to move on safely to the mundane but energy and machinery (and ultimately money) saving chores ahead.

A good, thorough cleaning both inside and outside is a necessity. Make sure there is no dirt buildup inside and change the AC filter also. Outdoors, especially if you have a first floor window or ground-mounted central air unit, clear away any brush or vegetation that might have grown to obstruct the airflow.

Make sure all of your cooling system air vents are clean and unblocked for maximum airflow and less stress on the machinery.

For the best peace of mind, schedule a professional cleaning and inspection of your cooling system before those hot days when you really need it. For a visit from a pro, or for any other information, call Family Danz at .