Creating a Maintenance Calendar

With the New Year approaching, one of the best and most profitable resolutions to make and keep is creating a maintenance calendar for your HVAC system.

This “ounce of prevention” could save hundreds of dollars in costly repairs down the road. Clip and save these helpful tips, and feel free to insert new ones from your experience that correspond to the heating and cooling needs in your own home.

JANUARY: Get a fresh notebook and begin to record your month-by-month maintenance so you’ll never have a question about where and when something was done. Kick off the year with a fresh furnace filter. Clear snow away from any outside vents. Look forward to keeping on top of all of your HVAC maintenance needs all year!

FEBRUARY: Check the valleys of your roof for ice dams and clear them away. Make sure all vents inside the home are clean and clear of clutter. Install a new furnace filter.

MARCH: Drain your water heater and remove any sediment. Install a new furnace filter.

APRIL: Spring has sprung! Inspect outside for any winter damage to roofs, siding and foundations and repair. Install that final (hopefully) furnace filter of the heating season.

MAY: Inspect your air conditioning system and have it serviced if needed.

JUNE: Uncover that AC or reinstall in the window. Insert a fresh AC filter. Enjoy the cool air as the heat of the summer returns.

JULY: Clean your AC unit. Paint your radiators, baseboards and registers while the heat is off for an all-new, fresh look.

AUGUST: Clean you AC unit. Inspect your heating system and service if needed.

SEPTEMBER: Install insulation wherever you noticed the need during the winter months. Clean your AC unit.

OCTOBER: Substitute your storm windows for your screens. Inspect all windows where they fit to the wall to make sure there are no gaps and caulk where needed. Clean your AC unit for the final time of the season and pack it away or cover it for the winter. Apply weather stripping and plastic to seal windows from the winter cold soon to come. Install a new furnace filter.

NOVEMBER: Install a new furnace filter. Prepare for power outages caused by inclement weather.

DECEMBER: Install a new furnace filter. Review your plan and update with any improvements for the next year.

Of course, the calendar is adjustable if your system only heats or only cools, and for other parts of the country — just disregard the portions that don’t pertain to your situation. And as always, for expert advice on any of your maintenance concerns, call Family Danz today at .