Home Comfort is Just a Humidifier Away

If your skin is already starting to itch at the thought of the winter months soon to come, it’s time to think about the installation of a new humidity control system.

As temperatures drop it’s going to take more hot air coming from your furnace system to keep you warm. At the same time, however, that warmth is going to dry out the air in your home. You’ll go from the discomfort of those nasty humid days of the summer to the discomfort of the cold dry days of winter unless you plan ahead with a look at your own home humidity values.

In the cold months, a higher humidity inside will make the room seem warmer. Keeping the humidity above 50 percent can actually make a few degrees difference in the feeling of warmth of the room.

Personal comfort is only part of the reason for the humidifier, though — there are also health issues related to the lack of moisture inside your inclement weather-sealed home.

Dry air can increase the discomfort from respiratory ailments like sinusitis, bronchitis, and asthma, and a soothing home treatment for these is warm, moist air — anyone who has ever been ill and brought the humidifier or vaporizer near their sick bed will know all about that relief. Plus there’s the irritation of itching and cracking skin that is also caused by the air dehydration. And speaking of irritation, how about walking across the floor in your socks in the winter and then touching something metal? Sparks fly, and all of this can be prevented with a proper humidifier.

Maybe hanging your clothes to dry in the living room or keeping that pot of water on the stove is enough of a humidifier for you, but for some serious comfort seeking during the winter months you’ll likely want to access your own needs and space considerations and come up with a proper plan to keep your home humid all winter long.

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