Planned Service Agreements – How They Benefit You

HVAC equipment is one of the largest investments you make for your home. Yet many times, people don’t call their HVAC contractor until there is a problem with their furnace system or air conditioning system. Don’t wait for a costly breakdown to call us – consider purchasing a planned service agreement from us instead.

What is a planned service agreement?

You might be wondering what a planned service agreement is and how it can benefit you. Simply put, a planned service agreement is a tune-up plan for your home comfort systems. They’re a great way to invest in your home, because they keep your furnace and AC running smoothly and efficiently, help prevent expensive breakdowns, and can help lower your monthly energy bills by 30 percent. Considering that, according to, almost half of the energy you use at home goes to home comfort systems, planned service agreements can really help you save?

So, how does it work?

Depending on your home comfort system, you might choose either annual or semi-annual maintenance. Most people usually choose to schedule tune-ups in the spring and in the fall, once for their air conditioning system and once for their furnace and heating system. And besides the benefit of preventive maintenance, you’ll also save money and enjoy priority service.

How will you “tune up” my system?

When you schedule an HVAC tune-up, you’ll get a multi-point system inspection, so we can be sure everything is working just right. Then, we’ll go in and clean components like fans, blowers and motors. We’ll check airflow and change dirty filters, and inspect electrical connections and components. In the spring, we’ll check your AC system for proper coolant levels, clean coils and make sure your system is free of leaks. In the fall, we’ll make sure your burners are clean, your heat exchanger is free of cracks and perform a combustion analysis. Additionally, we’ll make sure all your ancillary HVAC equipment – like humidifiers and indoor air quality products – are running smoothly and helping, rather than hindering, the efficiency of your system.

How can I get a planned service agreement?

Easy! Just give Family Danz a call and we’ll be more than happy to get you signed up for planned service. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind you get from keeping your system up-to-date and running smoothly!