Air Conditioning Tune Ups…Why Do I Need It Done Once A Year?

In a year’s time, your heating and air conditioning system can run for over 2,000 hours. If your car ran for that long at 45 miles per hour, you would have driven 90,000 miles. Would you drive that many miles without an oil change, a flat tire or an empty radiator?  This is exactly what your heating and air conditioning equipment is doing without its annual tune up and cleaning. It is dirty and running very inefficiently.

When having your equipment tuned up and cleaned once a year, you will be:

– Saving Energy

– Having less breakdowns

– Enjoying more comfort and peace of mind

– Adding years to the life of your equipment

– Meeting some manufacturer’s warranty requirements for  annual tune ups

An Air Conditioning Tune Up Consists Of:

– Check Air Filters

– Clean condenser coils

– Check refridgerants for proper charge

– Check thermostat operation

– Lubricate moving parts, if required

– Check condensate drain, clear any blockages

– Inspect electrical connections

– Inspect relays and contactors

– Check for vibration and noise

– Inspect compressor amp draw

Don’t wait until your system stops working. Call today for your air conditioning tune up so you can enjoy the rest of your summer!