Fall Into Autumn with a Beautifully Decorated Front Entrance

Pumpkins sitting on porch stepsYour front entrance is important, as it is often the centerpiece of your home. A thorough cleaning, updated painting, color and hardware can make a powerful first impression on visitors to your home. Once that project is out of the way, you may want to tackle some seasonal decorating to enhance your newly updated entrance.

One of the many aspects of fall that we can’t help but love is the colors. There’s something about the deep reds, vibrant oranges and golden yellows that elicits our desires for everything from sweaters and scarves to slow cooker meals and seasonally flavored coffees. To enhance your enjoyment of everything fall, we suggest spending a little more time on that entrance to incorporate some seasonal elements.

Planters & Urns

Our first suggestion is to invest in some planters that you can use year round. If you have the space, consider using urns because they’re versatile and add some height to entrance. The extra height is visually appealing and ensures that your entrance does not swallow up your plants as they balance out the proportions. Urns come in a variety of styles and materials so you’re sure to find something that will work within your budget.

For those of you working to be financially conservative, we suggest opting for a plastic version and weighing it down with sand or stones to ensure that it won’t tip over and crack (and thus compromise your plants). Our final recommendation relative to urns is to opt for black. A black urn is preferable for planting because it will almost always provide a beautiful complement to the other colors and materials that make up your entrance.

Plants, Flowers & Gourds

As you head to the greenhouse to purchase plants to fill those urns, we have to insist on at least a couple of mums. These seasonal gems are a must have and can be mixed or matched and will always be a beautiful addition to your outdoor decor. While the mums often steal the show, we must also suggest some other favorites such as ornamental grasses that always create some interest in your planters or greens, such as cabbages and kale.

These choices offer an unexpected contrast to the brilliant colors of the mums and add to the visual appeal of your arrangement, keeping your eyes moving about. Last but certainly not least, pumpkins, squash and decorative gourds can be used to accessorize your planters and be worked in around stairs, railings or mixed right in with your seasonal landscaping to bring some color and interest to your home.

Fall is often a great time of year, filled with fun, family friendly activities and nearly indescribable natural beauty. We hope you get out and take advantage of special time of year and enjoy decorating the entrance to your home to further enhance your enjoyment of the season.