March Savings from Family Danz!

The colder weather is winding down, and summer’s not quite here yet, so new air conditioning or heating probably isn’t at the top of your list – but this month is the perfect time to get it. Right now, through March 31, we’ve pulled out all the stops and are ready to help you get into a heating or cooling system that can keep your home more comfortable and can save you money on energy bills.

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your old, inefficient home comfort system with a new, high-efficiency system, there is no better time than the present. We realize you may not need a new furnace or air conditioner, and if you don’t, no discount is going to make sense. But, if your system is more than 10 years old, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

When you purchase a new, high-efficiency system this March, you’ll be eligible for an amazing $3109 in savings. We’ve bundled together an incredible offer just for you:

  • $1610 Utility Rebate
  • $300 System Rebate
  • $400 Family Danz Discount
  • $600 Humidifier
  • $199 One Year FREE Maintenance

These all come together to equal $3109 in savings for you. Combine this offer with special financing with approved credit, and a 10-year system warranty, and you have one amazing deal. This will be our best offer all year, but you have to act quickly to get these great March sale savings. It all ends March 31, 2017 so call us at 518.427.8685 to learn how you can take advantage of this offer today.

Getting Ahead of Spring Allergies

For most allergy sufferers, March often comes in like a lamb, and goes out like a lion – a big, sneezing lion! Once spring arrives and everything starts to blossom, pollen is everywhere – both outside and inside. Not to mention, the rain and dampness of spring likely brings with it mold and fungus that can wreak havoc with someone’s allergies. What can you do to make your home a sanctuary once allergy season starts? You may want to consider installing some products that can make the indoor air you breathe healthier.

The first place you should start when it comes to fresher air in your home is, quite simply, your system’s filter. Today’s filters do a great job of keeping dirt, allergens and microbes out of the air in your home, but they lose their effectiveness and efficiency once they become dirty. When your system is being used frequently, your filter needs to be changed more often – and fortunately, this is something you can easily do yourself. Of course, if you’re worried about changing them on your own, the pros at Family Danz can show you how or do it for you.

Air cleaners are another way you can improve the air you breathe.

Air cleaners can help to remove allergens in the air you breathe in your home. They help to ensure your home’s air is healthier, cleaner and more comfortable for you and your family by stopping dirt, dust, pollen, dander and more from entering the air as it circulates through your comfort system. These systems are ideal for households that include allergy sufferers, those more susceptible to airborne germs like infants, the elderly, or people with compromised immune systems, and those sensitive to the effects of allergens like pollen and pets.

Of course, at Family Danz we’ll be happy to talk to you about how you can get healthier, fresher air in your home, from changing the filter in your home’s HVAC system to installing equipment that can provide advanced air cleaning. We can help you get the solutions you need, so you’ll be ahead of allergy season this year! Just give us a call at 518.427.8685 and we will be happy to help you.

We Can Help You Heat Your Business

Commercial-HeatingWhen you’re trying to run a business, you know that having a controlled climate is important so that your employees are productive and your clients are happy. Maybe you already rely on Family Danz for your personal home comfort needs, but did you know we can help you keep your business warm all winter long as well? We provide the same professional HVAC services to businesses as we do for residential clients, including heating system installation, maintenance and repair, as well as fuel oil delivery.

In a survey conducted by Software Advice, employees of various companies were asked about their preferences regarding office temperatures. Half of the employees surveyed were unhappy several times a month with the temperature of their office, and 56 percent said they were too cold in the winter. Most surveyed felt that the temperature of their office made a difference when it came to productivity levels, and most preferred the temperature to hover around 71 degrees (72 for women, 70 for men.) It could be assumed, then, that your employees will benefit from better climate control – and you’ll benefit from choosing a company that helps meet those needs and helps your employees stay productive and satisfied.

No matter whether you have a boiler or furnace heating system at your business, our commercial heating service team is ready to help you keep your employees and clients warm, no matter how cold the winter gets. We take pride in offering our commercial customers the best, most efficient heating systems available for their businesses or organizations. And, our highly trained technicians can maintain and service most commercial systems, so you’ll never have to worry about not getting the help you need when you call Family Danz.

And, as business owners ourselves, we understand that downtime is costly for businesses or organizations. That’s why we strive to ensure that your commercial heating service – whether it’s repairs, maintenance or installation – is completed in a timely fashion, to your complete satisfaction. That way, you can get back to your business with as little downtime as possible – surely something your employees and customers will appreciate!

Family Danz is pleased to offer commercial heating services throughout the Albany, NY area. If you’re in need of commercial services for your business or organization, and you’d like a Family Danz representative to contact you, please visit our commercial heating page and fill out our convenient contact form, or feel free to give us a call at 518-427-8685. Your employees and clients will be toasty warm all winter long, when you choose us to help keep your business comfortable.

The Benefits of Planned Fuel Delivery

oiltruckAs you know, living in the Albany, NY area means that winters can be pretty harsh and cold. And, because of that, the cost of heating your home can be expensive. It isn’t always easy to budget for fuel costs, since heating oil prices can fluctuate. But, there is one way you can stay on top of your winter fuel expenses. By choosing an oil budget plan, you don’t have to gamble with fluctuating fuel costs. A budget plan allows you to get automatic delivery and guaranteed pricing that helps you plan for your home heating expenses.

Family Danz is pleased to offer our customers oil budget plans that make heating their homes in the winter a simpler task. We’ll work with you to help you choose a budget plan that fits your home heating needs. For many customers, the biggest benefit of having planned fuel delivery is the fixed price. This allows customers to know what they’ll be spending on fuel each month, so there are no surprises when the bill arrives.

You’ll benefit from automatic fuel delivery from Family Danz.

Another advantage is automatic delivery – you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel, even on the coldest night of the year. You can rest assured that Family Danz will keep your fuel tank fully supplied and ready, no matter what home heating demands your household will face during the chilly Albany, NY winter. Our drivers deliver the fuel you need to your home, whether you’re there or not, so you don’t need to worry about scheduling a time to bet there for your delivery.

For many people, another benefit of an oil budget plan is that it helps during the holidays. Family Danz knows how tough it can be for a household to have to pay a large utility bill around holiday time. But when you choose a budget plan, you won’t have to struggle during peak season for fuel consumption – an oil budget plan allows you the peace of mind that comes with regular, affordable monthly payments, no matter what the oil prices might be.

And, at Family Danz, we take great pride in providing our customers with premium-grade fuel oil. Our heating oil is specially formulated to not only keep your home warm and comfortable all throughout the winter months, but to also keep your equipment running great, too. Our home heating oil contains special additives that keep your system running clean and at maximum efficiency. That reduces service calls, extends the life of your heating system, benefits the environment and helps you save on your energy bills.

Keeping your family safe and warm all winter long is easier than ever, when you choose Family Danz to help with your fuel plan needs. You’ll get automatic delivery – and a monthly price that works for you and your home heating needs. Just give us a call at 518-427-8685, and we will be more than happy to tell you about our budget plan options.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Save on a New System

thinkstockphotos-490584030Now is the time to save on a new heating and air conditioning system from Family Danz, because right now, you can save up to $3,265 on a new system. By combining the following offers and incentives, we’re prepared to help you save on your system so that you can enjoy improved home comfort and savings on your utility bills, too:

  • $1,810 Utility Rebate
  • $655 Manufacturer Rebate
  • $200 Family Danz Discount
  • $600 Humidifier


To take advantage of this special, simply fill out the convenient contact form here, or call us at 518-427-8685, and we will be more than happy to help you get into a system that keeps you and your family comfortable all year long. But hurry – this kind of savings won’t last. Schedule your installation with us by 11/15/16 to lock in your savings.

*The total savings shown is available on qualifying Bryant systems. Restrictions apply. Ask us for full details.

You’ll Save Big on a New System This Fall at Family Danz!

newsystem-special-sidebarIf you’ve been thinking about installing a new home comfort system in your home, now is the time for you to save on a new system. Right now, we’re offering thousands of dollars of savings and incentives for you on a new heating system. When you choose us to install high-efficiency home comfort equipment for you this fall, you’ll get:

• $655 in Manufacturer Rebates
• $1810 in Utility Rebates
• $200 Family Danz Discount
• FREE Humidifier Valued at $600

Combined, these offers can save you up to $3265! To take advantage of this special offer, contact Family Danz at (518) 427-8685, or visit our offer page and fill out our convenient contact form. One of our friendly associates will be happy to assist you.

Today’s Air Conditioning Choices Provide Total Home Comfort

airconditioningAre you tired of dealing with yet another summer without air conditioning in your home? Opening windows and turning on fans can sometimes help a little bit, but nothing works like air conditioning when it comes to consistent cooling and dehumidification of the air. Today, there are different options when it comes to types of air conditioning systems for your home. The Department of Energy (DOE) website talks about the different systems available, where they are best used, and the energy savings you can expect from them.

According to the DOE, ductless mini-split air conditioning systems are a great choice for homes that do not have available ductwork; for example, those heated with radiators or where adding new ductwork is not feasible. Ductless systems have an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor unit that acts as an air handler. These systems are perfect for either an entire home, or for one room that could benefit from air conditioning, as each room has its own ductless unit. Because of this individualization, ductless air conditioning systems are quite energy efficient, which can help you save energy and ultimately money on your utility bills.

Central air conditioning is also an option for your home. Central AC circulates cooled air through the entire house via ductwork. Modern central air conditioning is much more energy efficient than its predecessors, and is greener, too – newer models use R-410A refrigerant, which is more environmentally friendly and more energy efficient than R-22, which most older models use. Central air conditioning systems can help remove humidity from your home as well, making the air much more comfortable. According to the DOE, you can expect to save between 20 and 40 percent of your cooling energy costs by replacing an air conditioning system 10 years or older with a newer, more efficient system.

Heat pumps are also growing in popularity as a cooling choice for homes. Heat pump systems serve a dual purpose – they can both cool your home in the summer and heat it during the colder months. For people living in mild climates, a heat pump is often the only source of heat needed. In New York, a heat pump can help homeowners supplement their heating system (such as a furnace or a boiler) and in doing so, help them save money on their utility bills in the winter. The DOE indicates that when it comes to cooling capabilities, heat pumps offer superior dehumidification, which results in lower energy use and better comfort.

At Family Danz Heating & Cooling, we’re pleased to provide Capital District residents with the best quality, most efficient air conditioning solutions on the market. If you’d like to enjoy superior home comfort in your home this summer, call Family Danz Heating & Cooling at (518) 427-8685.

Want to Keep Employees & Customers Cool This Summer? Your Business is Our Business!

air-conditioningLet’s face it – sometimes the summer heat in the Capital Region can be sweltering. In the summer, we can see temperatures that rise well above 90 degrees, and that hot weather is often accompanied by the uncomfortable stickiness of high humidity. According to the World Green Building Council, the temperature of your office building can have a significant impact on workplace satisfaction. If you want your employees to work their best, and your clients to enjoy doing business with you, keeping your building a comfortable temperature is important.

When you need commercial air conditioning maintenance, repair or installation for your Capital Region business or organization, Family Danz can help you. We’ve been helping companies and organizations with their commercial air conditioning service and installation needs for more than 30 years, and we want to help your customers and employees stay cool all summer long, too.

Family Danz’s commercial team is comprised of highly skilled HVAC professionals who have been trained to troubleshoot your commercial system. We can help determine the types of repairs your commercial system needs to get back up and running properly. Or, if you need a replacement, we’ll help you choose the best, most efficient commercial air conditioning products for your Capital Region business or organization, all within your budget.

Because we are a business ourselves, we also realize downtime can be costly when it comes to your business or organization. That’s why we work diligently to make sure your commercial air conditioning service – whether it’s repairs, maintenance or installation – is completed in a timely fashion, to your complete satisfaction. That way, you can get back to your business without missing a beat!

Family Danz is pleased to offer commercial air conditioning services throughout the Capital Region area. If you’re in need of commercial services for your business or organization, and you’d like a Family Danz representative to contact you, please visit our commercial air conditioning page and fill out our convenient contact form. Your employees and clients won’t have to suffer from the heat this summer, when you choose us to help make your business or organization cool and comfortable!

When Do You Need New AC?

air-conditioning-in-new-scotland-nyJune has arrived, and so has the hot weather! We’ve already had a couple of days near 90, and the actual summer season hasn’t even arrived yet! You may have already relied on your air-conditioning to keep your home cool, but if you haven’t you soon will. If you’re thinking back to last summer and you don’t have fond memories of the way your AC system worked, you might be considering a replacement. How do you know when it’s time to install a new air conditioning system, or if some simple repairs will get you through?

According to Angie’s List, there are a few indications that can help you decide whether AC repair or replacement is ideal. The first factor their website mentions is the age of your air conditioning unit. Generally speaking, air conditioning units last between 10 and 15 years, and that is if they’ve been well maintained. If your unit is around this age, it may be time to consider a replacement. One way to know if you should replace your older equipment is to apply a general rule – take the cost of repairs and multiply it by the age of the equipment. If the total exceeds $5000, you should definitely think about replacing. (For instance, if you have a 15-year-old unit, and the repair bill comes to $450, that equals $6,750. That exceeds $5000, and means it may be more worthwhile to consider replacement.)

Next, you’ll want to consider energy efficiency. Older units do not operate as efficiently as older ones, and that causes monthly utility bills to be on the rise. While it may seem more costly to replace at the onset, many of today’s air conditioning systems, like the Bryant Evolution® Series, have a 19 or greater SEER rating – and that provides cool comfort at between 20 and 40 percent greater energy efficiency than our aforementioned 15-year-old unit.

Another factor to consider is the type of refrigerant your system uses. In older units, problems often arise due to leaks in refrigerant. The solution for that is for a qualified technician to add more. Older units often use Freon, or R-22, which is being phased out in favor of R-410A, a more environmentally friendly refrigerant. As it is phased out, the cost of R-22 is at a premium – sometimes as much as $175 per pound. Not to mention, in many units that develop a Freon leak, the compressor soon goes out – and that can cost up to $2000 to replace. A consumer can expect to pay between $550 and $1000 just for the R-22 leak.

If you are debating between repair or replacement, the experts at Family Danz can help. We will thoroughly evaluate your unit, and if it will be more economical now and in the long run to repair, we’ll tell you. But if not, we’ll explain to you why, and we’ll help you find the ideal replacement for your home and your lifestyle. We’re pleased to provide the Capital District with the best quality, most efficient air conditioning systems on the market. When you think you need an energy-efficient replacement, we can help. Simply call us at (518) 427-8685 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

You’ll Save Big This Spring with Our Bryant® Bonus!

bryant_bonusWhen people think about replacing their home comfort equipment, most of the time it’s not necessarily a positive thought. Hassle, expense and dealing with an HVAC contractor coming into your home and making a mess might have you hedging on making a replacement but you should know – it doesn’t have to be like that. Family Danz can help you replace your system, all while saving you money, both on your new equipment and your future utility bills.

If your equipment is more than 10 years old and has needed repairs, the chances are pretty good it isn’t as efficient as it once was. Today’s equipment is built with energy efficiency in mind, so you can count on saving money on your utility bills all while enjoying greater home comfort when you install a new system. Family Danz sells quality Bryant home comfort equipment, too, so you know the new equipment you’re installing has been built to provide optimal home comfort and efficiency, and to last for years to come. We know purchasing new home comfort equipment is a large investment, which is why we’re happy to provide significant savings on a new system.

Right now, Family Danz can help you save thousands on new Bryant equipment, with a special offer combining Family Danz discounts, manufacturer and utility rebates and free equipment. When you choose us to install a new system, you’ll receive:

  • $1610 – Utility Rebates
  • $750 – System Rebates
  • $400 – Family Danz Discounts
  • $600 – Humidifier
  • Total Savings: $3360*

When we install your new system, we’ll do so at your convenience. Our technicians are skilled professionals who treat your home and your family with respect and care. We won’t leave behind a mess for you to take care of, and our job is never done until you are completely satisfied with the work we’ve done for you. You can take advantage of this special either by filling out our online contact form or by giving us a call at (518) 427-8685. We will be more than happy to help you take advantage of this offer and enjoy improved home comfort and energy efficiency.

*Total savings shown available on qualifying Bryant systems. Restrictions apply. Ask us for full details. Offer expires 6/30/16.