How Do I Know if My AC System Needs Repair?

technician fixing wiringYou and your family have just come home from a day at the beach. While you all had fun in the sun, you can’t help but look forward to relaxing in a cool, comfortable home. However, the minute you walk in the door, you realize your home feels uncomfortably warm and stuffy. And, upon further investigation, you discover that your home’s air conditioning system has broken down.

While nobody wants to think about this scenario, too often people only notice that something is wrong with their air conditioning system when it breaks down completely. But, some signs can help you recognize that there may be a problem with your system before it stops working. In this article, we’ll share some of the signals your AC system may send you if it’s headed for a breakdown.

Five Signs Your AC Might Need Help

Unfortunately, your air conditioning system can’t tell you when it needs service. However, if you notice any of these signs, you may want to call Family Danz to help:

  • Not Cool, AC… Obviously, the job of your air conditioning system is to cool the air in your home. So, if you’re noticing that the air coming from your vents feels warm, then there is likely a problem.
  • What’s That Smell? Your air conditioning system should not be stinky. If it is, something isn’t working right. Musty odors usually indicate mold growth inside your system, while chemical or plastic-like odors can signal an electrical problem.
  • No-Go with the Flow. Is the airflow coming from your system weak? While this may seem like a major cause for alarm, the chances are your system just needs a good cleaning and your filter needs to be replaced. Give us a call and we can help.
  • Wasted Energy. You know that your AC system requires energy to operate, so you expect that there may be an increase in your energy bills once the summer months hit. But if your bills are rising exponentially with no reasonable explanation, your air conditioning system is likely operating less efficiently – and that can signal a problem.
  • Hey, Quiet Down! Is your air conditioning system making noise that is way outside the norm? If you’re hearing squealing, grating, or grinding sounds coming from your AC unit, you should have it checked out as soon as possible.

Noticing one or more of these signs? It’s probably time to call Family Danz.

The good news is, there’s no need to suffer from an air conditioning system that isn’t operating properly – Family Danz is ready to help. Our expert technicians can troubleshoot virtually any make or model of AC system. We’ll diagnose the problem, and make the necessary repairs to get your system up and running effectively and efficiently. Simply give us a call at 518.427.8685, and we will be more than happy to schedule an appointment with you!