Don’t Wait ’til Next Summer – Get AC Repair for Your Saratoga Home Now

As summer winds down, so does air conditioner usage. Nights become cool enough to switch off your unit. Before you know it, your thoughts will turn to your home’s heating system. Maybe this year you noticed your air conditioning system isn’t working as well as it used to. Maybe there were knocks and pings. Or, you weren’t as cool as you’d like to be. Maybe your utility bills were higher than normal. You could be tempted to wait until next summer rolls around to get the needed AC repair for your Saratoga, NY home. Waiting, however, may not be in your best interest.

Of course, if you didn’t get the preventive maintenance you needed for your AC system this year, that could be the culprit in your poorly-operating system. The Department of Energy cites lack of maintenance as one of the major players when it comes to AC failure. The main reason this can cause issues with your system and lead to needing AC repair in your Saratoga, NY home is because, quite simply, your system is dirty.

Regular air conditioning maintenance helps keep your system clean.

Coils are cleaned and filters are changed, and that helps the air flow freely through your system. You can always call Family Danz to help you get the maintenance you need, even if it is at the end of cooling season. Chances are, you may need to switch the AC back on a couple of days here and there this fall. That’s why getting your system maintained late is better than never.

Refrigerant leakage is another issue your system could be having that requires your immediate attention. If your amount of refrigerant is not at manufacturer’s specification, then your system will not operate properly or efficiently. Generally, fixing a refrigerant leak and charging your system properly is a fairly simple fix for your technician – but also one that needs prompt attention. Refrigerant leaks aren’t just bad for your system – they’re also bad for the environment.

Sometimes,  electrical components and wires can corrode in your AC system. If that happens, letting the problem sit over the winter isn’t the best option. Your technician will be able to easily identify corroded parts, and make the AC repairs you need for your Saratoga, NY home.

If you need AC repair for your Saratoga, NY home, Family Danz is just a phone call away.

It’s never too late to get the AC repair you need for your Saratoga, NY home. Just give Family Danz a call. We’re pleased to provide our customers with professional air conditioning repair and more. Call us at 518-427-8685 and we will be more than happy to assist you.