5 Ways You Can Prepare for Spring Cleaning

Woman cleaning a shelfWhen it’s time for spring to arrive, many people’s thoughts turn to getting the whole house clean and ready for the summer ahead. Of course, factors like needing outside services like carpet cleaning and HVAC maintenance, clutter, other commitments and lack of necessary supplies can all cut into your spring-cleaning time and make it even more of a dreaded chore. If you plan for spring-cleaning in advance, though, once the time to actually start scrubbing arrives, you’ll be ready. Below you’ll find some helpful, pre-planning tips that are sure to make cleaning a breeze.

  • Schedule Your Time: It might seem strange to make an appointment with yourself, but carving time out of your calendar for spring-cleaning is important in today’s busy world. Add cleaning times to your calendar and stick to them once they arrive. And, make sure you create enough time to accomplish the tasks at hand. One way you can better estimate how much time each task will take is to list in detail what you wish to accomplish. For instance, don’t just make an appointment to clean the kitchen. List each thing you’d like to do in your kitchen, such as cleaning the fridge, cleaning the oven, washing down walls and woodwork, organizing cupboards and drawers and cleaning the floors. Once you see the overarching task broken down into individual components, the easier it will be to manage and schedule your time.
  • Call Ahead for Service: Know what specific services you’ll need in order to complete your spring-cleaning successfully, and call in advance to make appointments. Some common services you’ll likely need outside help with include air conditioning maintenance, deep carpet and upholstery cleaning and landscaping services. Check with your family, too, and make sure their schedules work with your cleaning schedule as well. And, if someone needs to be home during service appointments, give yourself ample time to schedule any necessary time off from work.
  • Shop Around for Supplies: Planning your spring-cleaning in advance affords you the opportunity of shopping around for deals on cleaning supplies, which can get expensive. Take an inventory of what you have and what you need. Are your mops, brooms and dusters in good condition? Is your vacuum cleaner ready for the tasks at hand? Do you have the cleaners, chemicals, towels and sponges you need? By answering these questions in advance, you won’t have to make a supply run in the middle of cleaning, which can infringe on your valuable time and disrupt your flow.
  • Start Early with De-cluttering: Before you start your cleaning, you probably will want to get some of the clutter out of the way. If you make a point every six months or so to go through your clothing and get rid of anything you haven’t worn in some time or doesn’t fit properly, that’s a good start. Having a designated area for papers and filing away anything you need to save is good practice, too. Giving away household items and children’s toys that are not used can help keep countertops, shelves and closets free of clutter, making them easier to clean once spring arrives.
  • Create a Cleaning Playlist: Most people agree, music makes everything – including spring cleaning – more bearable. Create a playlist that features bright, upbeat music and you’ll stay motivated throughout your cleaning doldrums.

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