A New Heating System Can Help You Save

new-heating-systemHave you been thinking about having a new heating system installed in your home, but you’re not sure if you want to make the investment? If you have an older system that doesn’t run as effectively or as efficiently as it used to, it may very well be a worthy investment. ENERGY STAR offers some tips on how to know when it’s time to make that replacement.

  • Age of Equipment: If your furnace or boiler is more than 15 years old, it is likely time to start thinking about replacing. Today’s newer, more energy-efficient models are generally at least 15 percent more efficient than furnaces from a decade or more ago. ENERGY STAR qualified equipment like the Bryant Evolution® variable speed gas furnace is up to 98 percent efficient – and that can mean big savings if you use it to replace your older furnace.
  • Repair Woes: Was your furnace or boiler in need of repairs on a frequent basis last winter? Were your energy bills on the rise? These two factors when coupled together likely mean it’s time for a new heating system installation.
  • Dry Winters: If the air in your home has been noticeably drier the past couple of winters, it could be the result of poor equipment operation or inadequate equipment. Hot spots in your home – areas where it seems like all the heat from your furnace has concentrated – can also indicate that your equipment could be operating inadequately.

Of course, there are other culprits besides your heating equipment that could be causing a spike in your utility bills and a decrease in home comfort. Poor insulation, leaky ducts and drafty doors and windows can all cause home comfort concerns, both in the summer and the winter. The best way to find out if your furnace is operating properly or if something else might be causing comfort issues in your home is by calling a qualified HVAC contractor. They will be able to help you determine whether your heating system needs replacement or if there are other problems in your home.

At Family Danz, we take the comfort of our customers very seriously – that’s how we’ve stayed in business for more than 30 years. We will be happy to help you with your home heating needs, including a new heating system installation. We’ll meet your needs professionally, cost effectively and efficiently. Call us today at (518) 427-8685 and discover what it means to receive an exceptional level of service.