Call Family Danz for “No Sweat” AC Repairs

The summer heat in the Saratoga, N.Y. area often makes you sweat, and that’s a good thing because a little sweat helps cool you off.

The heat also likely prompts you to run your air conditioning system that much more on those dog days. Sometimes that can cause the equipment to create a little “sweat” of its own — and signs of water seepage can signify serious condensation and drainage problems.

Then, it’s time for a call to Family Danz Heating & Cooling for a full inspection.

Excessive water around your AC system is a symptom of an issue that can cause potential health concerns. Mold and mildew might be growing in that moist environment, and the humidity might start increasing because your AC isn’t working properly to remove it from your air. The water damage alone can also cost you major repair bills.

It’s normal for the AC equipment to produce a bit of water. Warm air flows over the evaporator coil, which collects its heat and moisture to reduce the temperature and humidity. That moisture normally will drip into a pan where it will normally be drained away into your waste water pipes.

But there are several factors that can cause a buildup of water — there could already be bacterial growth blocking the drain, or the discharge line might have come disconnected. Now the shallow collecting pan will start to overflow, and the excess water will seep out into the area around it.

If you ever have any question on the safety and function of any of your heating and cooling equipment in your Saratoga, N.Y. home or office, give us a call. You can trust your Family Danz technician to quickly diagnose the problem, and rectify the situation. Our experienced repair persons will quickly restore your AC system to its full capability, eliminating any of the health threats and damage potential caused by excessive moisture drainage.

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