It’s Never Too Late for Heating Service

Some people like the cold weather and some people don’t. But there’s likely one aspect about the Albany, N.Y. area winter everyone can agree on — nobody likes when their heating bills go up because of the seasonal chill.

We’ve seen some extremely cold temperatures throughout the Capital District of New York State this year, and just about anyone who owns their home or business knows what that will bring. The utility bill will go up even as the temperature goes down. It’s inevitable, and not much you can do about it, right?

Family Danz Heating & Cooling might just be able to help you out. No, we aren’t going to float you a loan, but to offer our expert maintenance service to make sure your furnace and all of your heating apparatus are running to their peak efficiency level all winter and well into the spring.

Our highly-trained technicians will also check your living and working areas for any signs of drafty spots where the heat — as well as your heating dollars — are escaping. Sealing those drafts will help you feel more comfortable during the Albany, N.Y. cold while saving you money on your energy bill at the same time.

Of course, saving cash isn’t the only reason to have Family Danz make a house call. In addition to inspecting the heating system for functionality, we will make a thorough check for any safety concerns, testing especially for any potential source of poisonous carbon monoxide gas. Our professionals will also clean out the ductwork to make sure there is no buildup blocking the airflow that can find it’s way into the air you breathe, or even spark a fire.

Sure, it’s March and spring is coming soon, but there’s still plenty of cold to come. It’s never too late to make sure your furnace is running at peak efficiency. Whether or not you are a fan of the winter weather, it’s always good to have a warm place to come home to when your outdoors fun is over, so give Family Danz a call today.

Family Danz Heating & Cooling is a full service heating, air conditioning, and ventilation contractor, offering sales and service in Albany, N.Y. and throughout the Capital District of New York State for more than 30 years. If you would like more information on any of our services, call us at (518) 427-8685.