The Best Setting for Your AC

It’s summertime and the air conditioners are running once again throughout the entire Capital District of New York State. But how do the AC operators decide exactly what temperature to set their thermostats to, or exactly how long to run them at top capacity before their energy expense outweighs the cooling benefit?

Your own comfort levels are obviously a personal matter, so your opinion might differ, but at Family Danz Heating & Cooling we suggest keeping the temperature at the mid- to upper-70s during the summer.

Factors like the humidity, use of a fan, and layers of your clothing while all also impact your comfort level, but for most people setting a thermostat to that range — or running the air conditioner at a setting that maintains that range if there is no temperature control setting — will be good during the heat of a Troy area summer. That setting also means the AC likely won’t run constantly, saving you wear and tear on the equipment as well as some money on your energy bill.

Of course, a heat wave of successive dog days will force your air conditioning system to run more than usual. If it’s not too uncomfortable, you might want to bump the thermostat up a few degrees to save energy, but don’t forget that the air conditioning is also there for your safety as well. That hot, moist air isn’t good for your health, and makes a great environment for mold to grow in.

Stay cool and enjoy the summer … it will be over and winter will be back before you know it, and then you will really appreciate all that summer heat.

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