Weathering Temperature Extremes

It’s summertime again in Troy and throughout the Capital District of New York State, so the mercury is sure to start rising as the dog days return. As temperatures go up, area residents often lower the settings on air conditioners to compensate for the discomfort — but is this really as effective as it should be in keeping you cool?

At Family Danz Heating & Cooling, we are the experts in keeping you comfortable in your home and office. We’ve seen heat waves wreck havoc on air conditioners for years. Often, it’s simply because the owners don’t realize the extra strain they put on their equipment trying to beat extreme temperatures.

Typically, air conditioners cool home and office interiors to about 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. This works fine until it gets really hot outside, because once you hit an extreme of the mid-90s or even higher, your cooling system will start to fail. In the meantime, you are now also consuming massive amounts of energy that will soon show up on your bill without any positive result.

Air conditioners run at their maximum capacity when it’s about 95 degrees outside, meaning the inside temperature will still be around 75 degrees or maybe more depending on a variety of energy efficiency factors, like proper insulation. Lowering your thermostat even more at that point will not help your AC unit work better — it‘ll actually make it run constantly with little to no benefit to cooling the interior temperature. And the older the system, the harder you’ll force it to work, and the more likely it will break down completely.

We at Family Danz are quite familiar with the climate changes of the Capital District of New York State, having been here serving the cooling and heating needs of customers throughout the Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs, and Troy area for nearly 40 years. You can trust us for experienced advice in making sure your own AC system operates at peak capacity, without wasting needless dollars on energy that doesn’t really make any difference.

Give us a call today, before that thermometer visits that upper 90-degree area again. We’ll keep you as cool as possible on those dog days, and save you money on your energy bill at the same time.

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