Furnace Flood Recovery

This has been a year of some major flooding across New York State, and many of those floods have damaged residents’ heating systems. At Family Danz Heating & Cooling, we want you to know that in an emergency in your Capitol District home or office — whether it is a flood or any other kind — we are only a telephone call away to come out with a helping hand.

Depending on the severity, floods can have serious effects on your heating system, and often the damage isn’t immediately obvious. Your furnace or boiler has gas valves and controls that are easily damaged by the corrosion caused by the water. The outside can appear dry and sound, but inside the damage can start totally undetected. In severe instances, this can lead to a fire or even an explosion. To salvage a flooded furnace, gas valves, burner and pilot light orifices, and the electronic controls should all be replaced by a qualified professional.

A flooded heating system poses additional questions. Is it too old to be worth a salvage attempt? Is it even safe to try? What kind of life expectancy will you see in the repaired furnace? Will there be more problems down the road from the flooding? There are no easy answers, and these questions are likely impossible to answer for the general homeowner. You really need the advice of a skilled technician who knows the workings of the equipment and how it can recover. You can trust Family Danz to give you accurate and correct information so you can make the best decision for your situation.

Don’t forget there is more to the heating system than just the furnace or boiler. Make sure you have your ductwork checked as well, because all kinds of contaminants can get into the metal runs once water is in there. The ductwork insulation around it will also have to be removed and replaced with fresh insulation as well, because that is impossible to decontaminate.

If you ever suffer a flood, and we hope you never do, make sure you don’t turn your heating system back on without consulting an expert first. Give us a call so we can make sure it is OK to operate, or get you fixed up with either repairs or new equipment so it will run safely and efficiently.

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