High Energy Bills? Get Into the Zone with Family Danz!

If the thought of the energy bills to come this winter season leaves you cold, it’s probably a good time to take a look at setting up heat zoning in your home.

At Family Danz, we want people to be able to make the most educated decisions possible in staying comfortable and saving money all winter long. All too often, home owners miss one of the most effective methods to do that right in their own homes — by setting up zones to block off specific areas of heat. And it’s something they can do themselves with only a small amount of guidance from us.

Most people have parts of their homes that are used more often while others are used less, so there is really no reason that each section has to be heated to the same temperature in the winter. If you aren’t planning on using a specific area it won’t need to be maintained at a constant, comfortable temperature. Rarely used guest or storage rooms, for example, won’t need to be kept at the same warm temperature as the living room or bath room.

Zoning is as simple as locating the shut-off mechanisms in your heat vents and registers, and closing down the airflow from the furnace to areas that don’t need to be heated. Close doors to closets and storage rooms. Make sure your heat is going only to the areas of the home where it will be appreciated!

There is also automatic zoning that takes the worry right out of your hands thanks to the installation of ductwork dampers that control the temperatures of individual areas. Those ducts are opened and closed depending on each area’s thermostat settings, making sure the areas of the home you want heated stay warm while the rest of the home isn‘t sucking up unneeded heat.

Automatic zoning is especially convenient for folks who are away for much of the day … the rooms are warmed up shortly before you expect to be home, thanks to the settings on the programmable thermostat. Your entire home is now more comfortable for everyone thanks to automatic zoning.

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