Maximizing AC Efficiency in Your Albany, NY Home

ac efficiency Want to turn up the air conditioning, but not sure you also want to crank up your energy bills at the same time? We at Family Danz Heating & Cooling understand your concern, and even salute you for your energy consciousness. But there are several ways you can help maximize the effectiveness of your air conditioning system right in the privacy of your Albany, NY home, and save some money and energy at the same time.

Proper maintenance is the most important step is keeping your air conditioning system running to its peak, energy saving performance levels. Your Family Danz technician travels all around the Albany area to check out AC systems just like yours, and would be happy to tweak and adjust whatever needs it to make sure it runs as best it can. And always make sure to have it checked out before you turn it on for the first time each year.

Meanwhile, you can help ease the AC system’s job by performing some simple household tasks to keep the heat down indoors. Close the windows and draw the shades in the morning to keep the sun’s rays out. Open the windows at night. If you aren’t using parts of the home while the AC is running, close them off so the cool air only flows to the places where it will be the most appreciated.

Take a look at your air conditioner. Is it old and ready to fall apart? Well, chances are it wasn’t made to be energy efficient like today’s models. Shopping for a properly efficient air conditioning system, whether whole house central air or window mounted units, is easy these days thanks to the ENERGY STAR logo. If you see it on the machinery, you know the ENERGY STAR gurus of energy efficiency accept it.

Not sure exactly what you need for air conditioning in your particular living spaces? Family Danz Heating & Cooling is a full-service air conditioning contractor, offering both sales and service all throughout the Albany, NY area. If you would like more information to solve any of your air conditioning needs, call us today at .