Five Reasons to Install AC in Your Schenectady, NY Home

air conditioning contractorThe dog days of summer have returned to the Schenectady, NY area, bringing along the heat that is once again making your lives sweaty and miserable around your household. Sounds like it’s time to visit Family Danz Heating & Cooling for some expert advice on choosing the perfect air conditioning system to suit your Schenectady area home needs.

You might think keeping you cool is the main advantage to installing air conditioning, and for most people that would be true. But there are other reasons to keep your home cool in addition to simply keeping you feeling more comfortable by lowering the temperature.

  • HEALTH: Excessive heat can cause all kinds of health problems, like heat stroke or exhaustion. Air conditioners lower both the heat and the humidity to create a healthier environment, while filtering the air to let everyone breathe a little better.
  • MOOD: Air conditioning can actually improve your mood. Heat can actually lead to depression and anger, as we are sure most people have experienced, as tempers grow short on those nasty hot and humid days.
  • FOCUS: Cool air will improve your concentration on your daily tasks. Feeling all light headed and fuzzy on those hot days? The AC will take care of that.
  • SLUMBER: You’ll sleep more soundly in the cool temperatures, rather than lying all sweaty in bed wide-awake. That good night of sleep will actually also help with the previous three reasons to install AC as well.
  • COMPUTERS: Last but likely not least, you’ve probably got some expensive electronic equipment in the home, like the computer that is your lifeline to family and friends around the world. Broiling in the heat is a sure way to ruin your computer’s delicate mechanisms before their time — keep them cool and keep them alive.

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