So, How Does Air Conditioning Work, Anyway?

The summer heat is soon to come, and not soon enough for a lot of Capital Region residents feeling that winter dragged on a little too long this year. But like every summer, the novelty of the warmth will quickly wear off and the high temperatures will get to be too much, prompting you to once again crank up your air conditioning.

Whether you have a window-mounted unit or a central air system, that cool air is a blast of refreshment on a hot summer day — but did you ever stop to wonder how that air conditioner works?

It is a physical constant that as a liquid turns into a gas it will absorb heat. The air conditioner uses that property to cool indoor air by forcing that process to occur over and over again via chemical refrigerant compounds in a closed coil system. That refrigerant, specially designed to change from liquid to gas and vice versa at a lower temperature, is made to evaporate and then condense constantly as the air conditioner runs.

Fans inside the air conditioners move warm air over those cold refrigerant coils and the refrigerant inside them absorbs the heat as it changes to its gaseous state. The cool air created is blown back into the room or duct system. The air conditioner then converts the refrigerant back to liquid by putting the gas under high pressure. That process creates heat, and that heat is expelled to the outside by another fan. The gas cools, becomes liquid again, and the process starts over. It’s an endless cycle of condensation and evaporation with the end result of keeping you comfortable in the summer heat.

So now you know how the air conditioner works, but the question of exactly what air conditioning system is right for your home or business is a little more complicated.

That’s why you have the professionals at Family Danz to guide you in making an educated decision. We’ll analyze your personal situation to come up with the most economical and beneficial air conditioning plan designed just for you. That way you don’t have to worry about wasted cooling and wasted energy — leading to wasted money — because you’ll have years of Family Danz experience behind you.

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