Winter Heating Problems

It’s inevitable that the time of the year when you will discover you have problems with your heating system is just when you need it the most — the cold of winter.

Obviously, when your furnace or boiler quits completely you know it’s time to call in our friendly repair personnel. But there are more subtle symptoms that there is a heating situation in your home that needs attention. Is one room too hot and another too cold? Do you feel a chilly draft in any of the living areas of the home? Has your energy bill taken an unusual spike? These are all signs that it might be time to make a call to Family Danz to come take a look at your heating equipment.

The loss of heat — and those high heating bills that likely will come along with it — isn’t necessarily a sign that something is wrong with the actual heat source. Air leaks can be all over the home, from loosened or uninsulated ductwork to insufficient weather stripping to bad window seals to cracks allowing the warmth to escape outside. Leaks cause drafts, and are often tough to spot with the untrained eye — especially those hiding up in the attic or down in the basement. Those air leaks can also make the indoor air feel drier as well as colder, as the warm, moist air goes out and the cold, dry air of the winter is drawn inside.

If you’ve started to see an increase of dust around the home once the furnace started to run again, it is probably just time to change the air filter. If this isn’t the culprit, however, it might also be a build-up in the vents that needs to be cleaned out. That dust will cause the furnace to work harder with less efficient results, jacking up your energy bills or, in extreme cases, causing damage to the furnace itself. Dust can also be a sign that there are cracks in the ductwork itself, and that should be taken care of by a professional heating technician.

Regardless of what the problem turns out to be, you can return to the heating comfort you are accustomed to with a call to Family Danz. We’ve been family owned and operated in the Capital District for more than 30 years, so trust your neighbor and give us a call today at.