Preventing Frozen Pipes

There may be no winter crisis as potentially damaging as frozen pipes. When the water inside the pipes turns into ice it also expands, possibly cracking the copper or plastic. That’s not a problem, however, until it thaws into water again — at that point the free-running water will flow right through the crack and flood whatever part of the home it is located in.

And the longer it takes to find the problem, the more damaging the flood becomes. To make matters worse, the dampness from the water also creates the perfect moist environment to encourage the growth of mold.

At Family Danz we want to make sure you are prepared for any winter emergencies. Frozen pipes are easy to avoid, with just a few prior considerations when you know a cold snap is coming. One of the simplest remedies to frozen pipes on especially cold days is to let the hot water drip slightly at a faucet on an outer wall — that constant flow of warm water will help keep the pipes from freezing from the inside.

Be prepared, even if you have never had frozen pipes in the past. Insulate pipes in attics, in crawl spaces, running along outside walls, and leading to outdoor faucets. In extreme cases electric heat tapes might also be needed to ensure enough warmth to keep the water flowing, and Family Danz can advise you on the perfect accessories that will keep your water flowing all winter long.

Stop the cold air from coming in by sealing up any leaks where the chill can encounter your water pipes. On cold days and nights, open your cabinet doors so the air from your furnace can get to the pipes easily and keep them warm.

But if you turn on a faucet sometime during the winter and nothing comes out, it’s likely the water has frozen somewhere in the line. This is your first sign that there is a situation that requires the immediate attention of your Family Danz professional. You might not be able to find the problem yourself until the water thaws again and by then it will be too late. And for safety sake, never use a torch or an open flame to try to thaw a pipe.

And remember you are never on your own — call Family Danz at (518) 427-8685 any time you need expert emergency service.