Heating System Choices

The choice of a new heating system can initially be a bit of a daunting one for anyone who doesn’t have a degree in HVAC maintenance, but it doesn’t have to be that way. At Family Danz, we want you to have the information to make an educated decision of which system fits your needs — and your budget — best.

Forced air furnace systems heat your home by propelling flame-heated air through vent piping and into rooms. The benefits of having a forced air furnace include a more immediate heat, as you will quickly feel the warmth on a chilly day as you turn up the thermostat and the warm air starts to blow through the register. The main drawback to this system is the dust that is also pushed through the air, but a clean furnace filter will help eliminate that problem. There is a variety of furnace filters available with a range of mesh sizes for people with less tolerance for dust.

These furnaces are powered using a number of different fuel sources, from natural gas to electric to liquid propane to coal, and more. Natural gas is often the most dependable because you don’t have to worry about power outages like in electric systems nor running out of fuel as in liquid propane storage tanks or coal-fired units. Electric systems, on the other hand, run cleaner than their counterparts. But deciding which is best for your situation may simply come down to seeing what is available in your area.

Boilers heat water — some even heat it hot enough to turn it to steam — and then circulate it through a system of pipes and into individual radiators in rooms. The heat then radiates out into the room as the water or steam cools, and a return pipe takes the water back to the boiler to start the process again. Boilers are especially useful in large buildings with a lot of rooms, and are a clean source of heat because the heating system is a closed loop producing no dust like a forced air furnace would.

They also offer a more even heat, with the radiators delivering the warmth without drafts, and are easily controlled at individual radiators to zone off areas where heat is not needed. For many people, the silence of the boiler system is a major boon; other than an occasional creak in the pipes, the boiler heating systems run virtually silent.

If you are still unsure which route to take in a new heating system, remember you aren’t alone in making the decision. Family Danz is here to share our knowledge and experience to ensure you make the best choice for your own situation … give us a call today at .