Maximizing the Efficiency of a Programmable Thermostat

Want a magical device that will make sure your house is warm and comfortable whenever you arrive home? Want to stop paying to heat your house when nobody is around to enjoy the warmth?

A programmable thermostat will both save you money and maximize your comfort by heating and cooling your abode only when you want it. ENERGY STAR, the sultans of all things HVAC related, estimates that an average home can save some $180 a year on their energy bills thanks to the pre-programmed heating and cooling cycles — providing you put a little bit of thought and effort into its proper use.

ENERGY STAR recommends lowering the thermostat before you leave home for extended periods and when you go to sleep. An initial consultation with your friendly Family Danz rep will decide which thermostat model is the best for your situation by analyzing your own schedule, deciding when you are usually away for school, work, sports, or other regular activities. The amount of changes the programmable thermostat will need to make during the week will create a recommendation that best suits your household needs.

Once the unit is installed, however, you will need to keep up on any future changes. You will have your initial settings saved when our technician makes the installation, but if any scheduling alterations come up — and you know they will — you will need to adjust the programmable thermostat accordingly. Going away on vacation? Adjust it down to an energy saving lower temperature (making sure, of course, it isn’t too cold for plants, pets, and pipes). Sticking around for a staycation? You’ll probably want it a little warmer during the day.

In normal use, however, try not to override the pre-programmed settings because that will end up using more energy and cost you more on your bill.

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