Cooling Down Your Heating Bills

If you dread the extra accumulation in your monthly heating bill as much as the white stuff you’ll soon find in your driveway, it’s time to take a close look at some of the ways you can reduce your wintertime heating costs.

The fall is a great time to take the time to plan out a strategy that will enable you to combat your high heating bills all winter long. It’s the time of harvest, so harvest yourself a plan to save some cash during the cold months.

The easiest and usually cheapest place to start is by changing the furnace filter. Most likely you won’t need one of the expensive ones — unless you have allergies or another medical condition where they are a necessity — and most furnaces run just with those buck-and-a-half filters. That investment pays for itself in no time at all thanks to the savings in increased efficiency, if not by saving the unit from possible damage caused by dirt getting into the furnace. Make sure you note the location of the arrow on the edge of the filter frame … it should point towards the furnace when installed.

Give the heating system a good cleaning to remove any debris built up inside your furnace, ductwork, and vents so that the warm air will flow easily. And if you haven’t already, have your furnace checked and serviced by a Family Danz professional before the cold season starts for increased money savings and safety.

Having a programmable thermostat installed by your friendly Family Danz technician is also a great investment that will pay for itself in just a short time. That thermostat is set to only turn up the heat when someone is around to enjoy the extra comfort, and turn it down when everyone is away or during the night when you are cuddled up under the blankets on your bed. Don‘t leave it up to your memory to turn the heat up and down; have the programmable thermostat installed to alleviate the pressure of having to remember another chore around the home.

Any Scrooge will tell you the best heat is free heat, and heating doesn’t get any cheaper than natural daylight and the solar heat that shines through your windows. Keep the shades open during the day to take advantage of the natural warmth and reinvigorating properties of sunlight. And make sure you have the windows properly sealed from the elements with sheets of plastic and weather stripping. You‘ll also want to seal the doors and even the switch and outlet covers.

For more professional Family Danz advice in reducing your heating bills, or to schedule a heating system check-up in your home or office, call .