Prepping for Some Cold Nights (and Days)

When the color of the leaves starts to change, you know the summer season is on its way out and the cold months are soon to return. Chances are pretty good in the heat of the summer you haven’t really thought much about your furnace, but now is the perfect time to pay it some attention with some pre-winter furnace maintenance.

Because you know otherwise you will find out about a problem on that first cold day when you turn your thermostat up and nothing happens.

The late summer and early fall is the perfect time to give Family Danz a call for a professional inspection of your heating system. We’ll come right to your home and inspect all of the machinery and the exhaust. Our professional furnace tune-up will not only adjust the equipment to operate at peak efficiency and calibrate your thermostat, but we’ll also make the system safer by checking for carbon monoxide, finding cracks in the ductwork and flue pipes, and inspecting any natural gas connections and lines for leaks.

That double bonus of knowing you are safe from the cold while also safe from potentially fatal carbon monoxide emissions or gas explosions makes that service call priceless.

There are some maintenance steps you can do on your own, too. Start by replacing the furnace filter. Most are relatively inexpensive, while providing increased efficiency and protection from foreign particles entering the furnace. You can clean the blower and motor of any dusty residue from the last few months of dormancy. Add a few drops of oil if you have an older unit with an accessible oil reservoir. Always make sure there are no combustible materials anywhere near the furnace, and remove any obstructions to any of the vents and registers.

But don’t forget, if you don’t feel comfortable doing any of these on your own, the assistance of your friendly Family Danz professional is only a phone call away. Get it done right the first time and it’ll save you money in the long run.

For professional and expert winter preparation information, call Family Danz today at .