Feed Your Furnace with Family Danz Oil

The record heat of the summer is now (mostly) behind us, so it’s time to face the inevitable fact that winter — and the need for heating oil to keep your heating equipment running — is right around the corner.

At Family Danz, we pride ourselves on serving the Albany, Saratoga and Clifton Park area with premium grade home heating oil at the lowest price available. That oil features detergents that clean your heating system and keep it running at maximum efficiency, while at the same time extending the life of the equipment and reducing the likelihood of the need for a service call. You’ll also help save the environment and save money on your heating bills at the same time.

And we are so confident that our fuel oil price is always competitive that we post it daily right on the home page of our website.

For additional security in the cold of winter, we offer an automatic delivery service at no extra cost, so you don’t need to keep track of your fuel gauge or worry about running out of fuel at the coldest point of the winter. Within a few deliveries we’ll have a reliable delivery schedule figured out that is unique and personal just for you that takes the burden of watching your fuel consumption off your shoulders. And the longer you are a customer, the more precise that plan becomes.

As a bonus, discounted budget and prepayment plans are available with automatic deliveries.

We don’t turn away cold people who want to call when they need fuel oil, of course. But don’t wait until you run dry … Family Danz recommends you contact us when your gauge is between half and a quarter full to give us time to schedule your delivery.

We also deliver kerosene and non-toxic and biodegradable bioheat fuel, plus on-road and off-road diesel fuel to commercial accounts including farms and construction companies.

Back in 1976, Ted Danz and his mom Lucille were the only employees of what would soon become Family Danz Heating & Air Conditioning with the addition of Ted’s three sons. We’ve been treating our customers like family for more than 35 years, and that family grows larger every year.

Now’s a great time to join the Family Danz clan: new home heating oil customers can receive $50 off their first delivery with a minimum of 150 gallons. Mention the code WEBPROMO1 or call for more details.

For more information on fuel delivery or any Family Danz offering, call .