Record High Temperatures = Record High Energy Bills

It’s been a summer of extreme temperatures and whether or not the high heat and humidity is your thing, there is also another inevitable increase as the mercury rises … your energy bill, as you run your air conditioning system more and more to combat the heat.

The summer may be winding down now, but you know there are still plenty of hot days to come. If you are also dreading the next invoice from your energy supplier, here are some simple and cheap steps you can take in your own home to decrease that bill while increasing your comfort.

If you don’t have an automatic thermostat, turn your AC unit down low rather than totally off on days when the temperature is expected to rise beyond your personal comfort level. You don’t really end up saving anything when you leave the AC off while you‘re away, allowing the area to heat up all day, only to crank it to the max when you get home. A constant low flow of cool air will actually save you cash.

Close the windows and draw the curtains or blinds during the day. Keeping the heat out by blocking the sunshine will also keep it cooler indoors. Remember how hot it was the last time you were inside a greenhouse? That’s the exact same thing the sunlight is doing inside your home.

Make sure you always have a clean air conditioner filter installed … dirty filters will restrict the air movement and inhibit the unit’s ability to run efficiently. That will increase your bill and can also damage the air conditioner if it gets really filthy.

Summer isn’t always the time you think of weather stripping and insulation, but the same properties in those products that keep you warm in the winter also keep you cool in the summer. Check your doors and windows for leaks, seal them up tight, and make sure you have proper R-value insulation all around the home.

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