Family Danz – Going the Extra Mile for You

Today’s two-question pop quiz tests your knowledge of a phenomenon affectionately known as “Murphy’s Law.”

If your air conditioning system is going to go on the blink and shut down unexpectedly, it will happen:

  1. On a nice cool day when you didn’t need it anyways.
  2. Just before the new model you ordered is due to be installed.
  3. When you are away for a summer vacation and will never know it’s off.
  4. On the hottest, stickiest day possible — a situation sure to bring out some colorful language as you sweat profusely and lose sleep.

When your furnace finally gives in from the years of usage and quits running, it will be on:

  1. A balmy summer day when it wasn’t even turned on.
  2. During a romantic evening with a special someone, making a great excuse for some get-closer cuddle time.
  3. While it’s still under full warranty and a repairman just stopped by for coffee.
  4. On a nasty cold night in the dead of winter with a minus-100 degree wind chill.

If you answered “4” to these two questions, congratulations! You are in great company with the people who know that if something can go wrong it will … and at the worst possible time.

That’s why Family Danz Heating and Air Conditioning goes the extra mile for our customers. We know life and your heating and cooling equipment don’t always treat you fairly, but we will. And we believe a part of going that extra mile is coming to you when you need us the most — not just during office hours Monday through Friday. Family Danz schedules appointments according to YOUR needs and promises to respond in emergency situations promptly.

Everyone at Family Danz will be courteous, trustworthy, and respectful of you and your property. They get there as scheduled and will complete the needed repair work promptly, while looking professional with uniforms and floor protectors on their shoes. They‘ll also clean up the work area when the repair is finished.

We pledge to honestly keep your best interests in mind throughout any repair or sale, and provide you with exceptional quality parts and service to ensure both your comfort and safety. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and is 100 percent guaranteed.

Family Danz is just what the name says — a family owned and operated business serving the Capital District community for more than three decades. We would like you to trust us as you would a helpful and knowledgeable neighbor. Call us today at and see how we will go the extra mile for you.